A Few of My Favorite Things {May 2015}

I'm proud to report that it's the end of May, and I'm still drinking water like it's my job. Friends are openly mocking me. Everything is right in the world. Here are a few more highlights from the month:


I started out the month with a quick trip to Philly. I'd actually been there twice before, but always in a very rushed/work-related capacity. This time, I was visiting a sweet friend who just had her first baby. She actually lived with Billy and me when we gave birth to our first baby, so it was super fun to be together with a newborn again.

Also... pretzels. I ate some bizarrely good food while I was there. Philadelphia delicacies seem to include: a convenience store called Wawa, water ice (yum!), and big, soft pretzels that I can't get over and still think about late at night.

The Passing of a Legacy

We said good-bye to our car this month. It was surprisingly emotional for both Billy and me. I wrote before how buying it was a memorable moment in our early days of marriage. And though maybe it wasn't all a good memory (ha!), it was a marker of our shaky footsteps in "coming together" and a reminder of how far we've come.

But never fear, the 21st century is here. We replaced our dying legacy with a Nissan Leaf. So now an extension cord snakes across our front porch and into the driveway to plug in our car. What? No more gas stations for this one! Also, I convinced Billy to make this foolish video with me because I apparently have way too much free time.

My Mother-In-Law Comes to Town

Our big excitement in May was the long-awaited visit from my mother-in-law. It was such a joy to have her here to visit, and we packed the two weeks full of all the things family and tourist. In Atlanta, we took her to Centennial Park, the zoo, the Georgia Aquarium, and Stone Mountain.

We also rented a van for an epic, inter-generational road trip to Kentucky to visit my family. There, we ate a lot, played on playgrounds, rode ponies, and celebrated Billy's birthday. Billy rocked a lot of translation during the trip, and I shared my favorite bilingual moments from her visit in this month's newsletter. All in all, it was a phenomenal couple of weeks, and we were grateful that it was finally able to happen.


My favorite thing about the month of May? Swimming pools open! Memorial Day weekend our kids swam three days in a row. Nothing makes those two toddler-people sleep better than swimming.

Also, this year I got myself what can only be described as a waterproof hip belt because I'm so cool like that. However, I gotta say, when my wet, sandy-handed kids were pilfering through my bag, I was glad my phone and wallet were in my little plastic purse-ette.

The Good Shufu

Full disclaimer: I have yet to read this book. Because it's not out yet. But I pre-ordered it, and I thought some of you might be interested in it as well. I rarely see books about cross-cultural relationships, so I'm pretty excited to see about this one.

I'm always intrigued by how much I can relate to couples of completely different cultures if they are still navigating two different ones. There's something about that learning process that is universal, even if the specifics of the differences are completely unique.

All the Links

Here's a few favorite links I shared this month:

The Fascinating Story Behind Why So Many Nail Technicians Are Vietnamese - very interesting backstory behind one woman's attempt to offer opportunity.

These Ex-Gang Members Are Baking Their Way to Redemption - I am such a fan of Homeboy Industries and the work of Father Boyle in L.A. It is truly creative and compassionate.

What You Don't Know About Immigration - Bronwyn's immigration experience is eye-opening and helps to paint a fuller picture of our broken systems.

And here are a few posts on A Life with Subtitles that readers enjoyed:

An American Girl's Guide to Kissing - because the struggle is real. ;)

12 GIFs Only People At A Bilingual Church Will Understand - things like trying to guess which language to speak to someone in.

The Marital Nightmare I Wouldn't Wish On My Worst Enemy - decision-making is not for the faint of heart!

What have you been up to this May? As always, I'm linking up with the wonderful folks over at Leigh Kramer.


  1. Sarah ... those pretzels are looking mighty good right about now ...


  2. An inter-generational road trip sounds like it could be both a lot of fun and really challenging. Hope you all had a wonderful time! (visiting from Leigh Kramer's blog!)

  3. Thanks so much! We had a great time! :)


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