Children Who Cross Borders Without Parents [Interview]

Last year, the buzz of the child migration crisis seemed to be everywhere. Politician were loving it, slinging mud and placing blame. All the while, families were suffering and kids were dying.

The topic has since disappeared from news outlets, though of course not from reality. I recently watched the documentary Which Way Home, and I was reminded of this challenging and heart-breaking situation going on.

I reached out to my friend Jenelle, who is a social worker and works exclusively with children who crossed the border. She graciously agreed to sit down with me for an interview.

This video is a little longer (15 min) than my typical videos, but I think you'll find her insight helpful and interesting. I know I did!

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I wish I could have captured everything Jenelle shared before and even after the filming, but I wanted to keep the video short-ish. This topic, of course, cannot be reduced to fifteen minutes, and I know it's only a start.

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Finally, a couple more resources. Jenelle offered some links to share as well. While another surge of unaccompanied minors is expected again this summer, current crossings are down from last year. You can read those stats here.

And the other article she suggested:

Dramatic Surge in the Arrival of Unaccompanied Children Has Deep Roots and No Simple Solutions

Feel free to leave comments or questions you may have for me or Jenelle. I'll try to loop her in, if need be!

P.S. We filmed this with my husband's video camera. Don't we look crazy? Like we're chatting with you from inside a fish bowl?

Image credit: Nathan Gibbs

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