A Few of My Favorite Things {April 2015}

It's been a couple months since I joined in with Leigh Kramer's "What I'm Into" link-up. But April has been filled with obsessions, so a post seemed in order.


First, water. I'm INTO water this month. But not just any water. I have been drinking nothing but sparkling lemon water. Seriously. NOTHING BUT.

I've lost all taste for soda. I've been carrying my fancy water in my purse and busting it out at restaurants and in other people's homes. Because that's so normal. (Confession: I'm still drinking lots of coffee.)

The addiction is real, friends.

Audio Books

I forgot how much I adore audio books. My final semester in undergrad, I had three English courses and by extension, a foolish amount of novels to read. I remember driving home to Kentucky with my boom box and a bunch of C batteries, listening to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on CD.

Well, now I signed up for a free trial of Audible. (I will likely become a lifetime member on accident.) You get one free download with your free trial, so I enjoyed The Interestings for my book club. I'm now listening to Girl on the Train.

If you like audio books at all, you should definitely get a free trial a go. If you use my affiliate link, you can try Audible for free and also get TWO FREE audiobooks! And you don't have to keep your boom box in the passenger seat! Win-win.

Passing the Torch

I started taking my kids to the gym on Saturday mornings to play basketball. It's my favorite. Gabriella is practicing dribbling, and Isaac runs up and down the court kicking the ball. (I keep shouting, "Not soccer. Basketball!" to no avail.) I couldn't resist the photos:

Email Goodness

Billy went out of town this month. Gabriella went out of town this month. Therefore, for a while, it was just me and the boy. This prompted me to send out my first email newsletter. Because I assume people who sign up for my email list WILL NOT MURDER ME when they find out I'm home alone with an almost 2-year old.

If you think you fall into that category as well, you can sign up here. I'm aiming for a monthly newsletter. We'll see how it goes!

First Theater Experience

I took Gabriella to the movies for the very first time. It was so. much. fun. We were, of course, late. Partly because we went to a theater three hours away from our house. Ha! No, seriously, I thought it would be a fun break in our mommy-daughter road trip, so I looked up movie times in Tennessee.

We saw Home. And it was so funny and so cute. And about a daughter searching for her mother. And my tiny daughter curled up in the seat and leaned against me the whole time, and I sobbed like a baby.

I later read this article about the immigration themes in the movie, and I liked it even more. Such a good first theater experience!

Amazon Prime Now

So Amazon started a new service for Prime Members. (Of course I am a Prime member because I signed up for a free trial, forgot all about it, and later came across the charge on my credit card bill. Now I can never go back because I love it so much. If you want to give it a try, you can sign up here.)

Because now, Amazon will now deliver to your door in two hours FOR FREE. This, my friends, is a DANGEROUS service for a person who works at home... ahem, me.

Feel like candy? They'll bring it. Want more sparkling lemon water? THEY WILL BRING IT! Diapers. Dog food. It's like I'm on a personal mission to meet all the drivers. It's ridiculous. I must stop. (But that water....)


Spam has become my life.

It all started a couple months ago when I saw a Facebook promotion for free airplane tickets. Famous. Last. Words.

I am usually savvy to the internet scams of the world, but my brain was blinded by visions of free travel. FREE TRAVEL! I silenced all the warning bells when they were asking me who my car insurance provider was, how much money I make, and everything else. I only became suspicious when I was asked to buy a children's book to continue signing up.

Now, I field approximately 15 emails, 10 phone calls, and 2 text messages A DAY from random companies. It's ridiculous. Do I have any rights? Can I undo this terrible mistake? Seriously. If you know, please tell me. I will text you every day to say thank you.

All the Links

Here's a few favorite links I shared this month:

Canada Loves the Poop Emoji - because I'm obsessed with emojis, and who doesn't want to know global trends in emoji use????

The Best Account on Instagram and the Lie We Tell Each Day - "Dang TSA, you're just supposed to make sure I don't have too much peanut butter in my bag or a sword hidden in a cane."

The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn't Born in America - because it's helpful to understand a bigger framework for immigrants and jobs.

And here are a few posts on A Life with Subtitles that readers enjoyed:

Pucker Up! A Bicultural Kid Conundrum - because teaching your kids to "code switch" in a multicultural world is tricky.

The Dirty Room: A Cross-Cultural Communication Riddle - you all had some great insights to this slippery conversation and the follow-up "answer" post.

Helping Our Children Understand a Multicultural World - because of course we're pointing at strangers and asking "where is he from?"

I hope you've had a joyful April with less spam and more basketball. I'd love to hear what you've been up to. Happy May, everyone!
I promise not to spam you. (I'm not even sure I know how to!)

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