12 Gifs Only People At A Bilingual Church Will Understand

I love bilingual churches! I made a quick list, and I realized Billy and I have been to eleven Spanish or bilingual churches in our time together. Eleven!

It is truly a unique and beautiful experience, and I hope others with similar congregations will enjoy these fun gifs:

#1. When the whole church is laughing, but the joke hasn't been translated yet.

#2. When the joke is translated and you want to laugh, but the moment has passed.

#3. Or when the joke just doesn't make sense translated.

#4. When you meet someone new, and you're not sure which language to use.

#5. Then you realize after a couple minutes that you guessed wrong and they have no idea what you're saying.

#6. When you try to speak in your second language, but realize it didn't go as planned.

#7. When you find out the guest preacher will be speaking in the minority language.

#8. When they're all out of translation headsets.

#9. When you hear a familiar tune, but cannot figure out what song it is because the words are translated.

#10. When you suddenly learn that you are being introduced/prophesied about/asked a question from the pulpit.

#11. When you figure out a what a word in a song means all by yourself.

#12. When you look around the church and take in everyone worshipping God together in different languages.

Can you relate? What did I miss?

Thanks to Giphy for making all my gif dreams come true!

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  1. Betsy5:50 PM

    This is so good!!! Great to see it from the other perspective. I'm so glad we're moving into being more bilingual and I hope it will continue moving that way.

  2. I love it! It's the most bilingual church I've ever been to! Truly a gift. :)


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