Raising Bicultural Kids on Coconut Milk [VIDEO]

While we may muddle through the successes and challenges of raising bilingual kids, I am also very aware of my desire for Gabriella and Isaac to be bicultural. I want them to have a familiarity and a comfort both in the States and their papa's heritage country.

Sometimes that feels hard to do when they spend about two weeks a year in Guatemala. So I love it when Billy starts to talk to Gabriella about how he grew up or things she can enjoy on our next visit.

Enter Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It's not Billy's favorite book as it's a bit tricky to read in one's second language. But it started some precious father-daughter conversations about coconuts.

Gabriella has been talking about them non-stop. We even had to take photos and video of coconuts when we were in Mexico because Billy couldn't wait to show her.

Here's what she has to say about it:

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I just love it. I recently noticed they carry coconut milk at our local Aldi. I almost bought it because, I kid you not, we talk about this all. the. time. But I put it back.

I can't wait for her to drink milk with a straw right out of the coconut. That's something special she'll share with her abuelos and her papi.

And one day, when she reads Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to our grandkids (what???), she'll say, "I grew up drinking coconut milk in Guatemala with my papi."


  1. So cute! I actually had a coconut party with my kindergarten class when I taught in Guatemala (related to that same book!) and I sent a note home asking parents to volunteer to send coconut items. And I kid you not, we ended up with like 50 coconuts - I was passing them around to teachers and anyone who would take one home at the end of the day! haha

  2. Oh man. What a treat! It's such a rarity for me to get fresh coconuts these days. And what a super fun and creative party. I love it!


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