10 Factors for a Successful Intercultural Marriage

This week I read the book Cross-Cultural Marriages and the Church. It was not everything I'd hoped and dreamed.

However, at the end, the author includes this list from another book, Intercultural Marriage. I wanted to share it because I found it really enlightening. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, too!

Here is what Dugan Romano lists for a healthy cross-cultural marriage:

1. Good motives for the marriage
2. Common goals
3. Sensitivity to each other's needs
4. A liking for the other's culture
5. Flexibility
6. Solid, positive self-image
7. Spirit of adventure
8. Ability to communicate
9. Commitment to the relationship
10. Sense of humor

I have been thinking about this collection of factors since I read it. I particularly agree with numbers 7, 8, and 10.

What about you? Which ones to do find especially important? Anything you'd add? Any on this list you disagree with? 


  1. Mary B8:24 AM

    I think these tips are wise and helpful even for my single culture marriage. But maybe a Tennessee/Kentucky marriage is intercultural.

  2. MelissaV9:31 PM

    5,7,9 and 10. Now I am going to have to find the book. I am so glad I found your page. Call it my misguided Oklahoma upbringing but I have felt like I was the only one in this situation. I don't know anyone other than my husband and myself who finish an argument with blank stares because we were each yelling in our own language. I'm not sure either of us know what most of our disagreements are over.

  3. Arguing in two languages - hopefully you can at least end some fights in laughter. :) Marriage is joy and challenges, and doing it with multiple cultures definitely adds another layer. I'm so glad to meet you! We're in this together! :)


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