Global Kid Gift Guide - Christmas 2014

If you're looking for some gift ideas this Christmas, I thought I'd share a few of our multicultural favorites. We try to be pretty intentional about the types of books and toys our kids engage, and I know many of you do, too. I hope these ideas are useful to you. And please add more in the comments. I'm always looking for new suggestions!

#1 - Soccer jerseys

Soccer is truly a global sport, and we've tried to keep our kids outfitted in team jerseys. This can be a great gift for multicultural kids. Here's links to a few popular teams: Manchester UnitedBarcelona, Real Madrid, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, United States, Colombia, Costa RicaGermany, Netherlands.

#2 - Princess Sofia

In general, we actively resist "princess culture" in our house. However, I do have one exception. Princess Sofia has been touted as Disney's first Latina princess. There's some controversy and back peddling around that claim. Still, there's been several articles stating that Sofia's father is from a make believe country based on Scandinavia and her mother's fictitious heritage is based on Spain. So when Gabriella begged for Sofia light up shoes, I said okay.

#3 - Books, books, and more books

Of course we love bilingual books. Here are a few of our favorite Spanish selections:

Board books: Global Babies and Buenas Noches a Todos

Story books: Queen Esther (and Jonah and Daniel) and Guatemala ABCs (they offer other countries, too!)

Bibles: The Jesus Storybook Bible (bilingual)

#4 - Doc McStuffins

We try to include a variety of multicultural characters in our toy box. This Doc McStuffins doctor kit is a favorite in our house. She was also Gabriella's choice for her beach towel.

#5 - Baby dolls

We have a couple dolls around our home, and we've been intentional to include varying skin tones. I don't know exactly which ones we have, but here's one option.

#6 - Flags

I bought our Guatemalan and U.S. flags for some family photos. Of course, the kids had a great time swinging them around and sword fighting. But they can be a fun addition to a multicultural household.

Not pictured:

#7 - Maracas

These maracas have been enjoyed by both of my kiddos. They play music, count, and teach colors in Spanish and English.

#8 - Music

Bilingual CDs are another groovy way to keep two languages in the air. Here's one of our favorite Spanish kids worship CDs.

#9 - Movies

We like VeggieTales in Spanish, and have enjoyed this one and this one.

#10 - Spanglish T-shirts

We don't actually own any of these, but I found them online and wanted to share. So clever and cute!

What would you add to this list of gifts for global kids?


  1. Yes to the books, flags, and music! I have a map of the area I used to call home (and still call home) when I lived in Canada. It's on the wall above my headboard. Perhaps that could be a gift too! Or maybe even a globe and/or a world map with all of the places a person have lived marked with pushpins and string attaching them!

  2. I LOVE maps! And those are some terrific gifts. Etsy even has a bunch of creative and beautiful versions if you're looking for something unique. Great addition, Mary. Thank you!


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