December 2014 {The Favs}

I was super proactive about not getting overwhelmed this year at the holidays. We decided not to do any traveling. I did all my shopping online and even had it shipped directly to recipients. We even declined party invitations to the point that as Christmas drew near, I moaned to Billy that we had celebrated in no way. Ah, well... you win some and lose some.

Still, we tried to think intentionally about how we wanted to celebrate Nochebuena and Christmas with our kids and friends. It was a really special and relatively joyous month. As always, I am linking up with Leigh, sharing a few favorites from the month.

Pentatonix Christmas Album

I received this CD as a gift (yes, I still listen to CDs), and it has been on repeat in our car. Their arrangement of Hark the Herald Angels sing is amazing. I wish they'd done a video for this one, but you can listen to the song below. I love it. And I hear it a lot because it plays right after their cover of "Let It Go." Even though Ella's not seen Frozen, she loves the song... like, loves it.

Pretty Little Liars

Okay, I didn't even know this show was a thing. Turns out it's like the most tweeted about show ever in the world. I actually just stumbled it upon it, and my December was changed forever. Spencer Hastings is my spirit animal. 

I am, however, disappointed that the show is still on the air because it's still going on. I had to buy some of the more recent episodes and now this mystery thriller will be dragging me along week-by-week. WHO ON EARTH IS "A"? I must know. I almost missed Christmas trying to answer this question. 

Jane the Virgin

I already told you how much I like this new show. But I'm including it because... yes, I liked it in December, too!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Run

It's true... I didn't really read anything in December because... Pretty Little Liars. BUT I tried not to completely melt into my couch, and had the delightful pleasure of running my first 5K with a friend and her sister. It was festive and fun, and the costumes were everything you could hope for. I gotta step up my game next year!

(Okay technically, it wasn't my first. Once I went to one that turned out to be more a coming-of-age experience. I learned I can no longer just run 3 miles without training. I ran for 20 seconds and then huffed and puffed my way walking the rest. I try to pretend like it didn't happen.)

Chef's Costume

Gabriella is obsessed with dress up clothes. We've got more tutus and fairy wings than any one household really needs, so I wanted to diversify her dress up collection. So for Christmas, she got this adorable (in my opinion) chef's hat and apron. I love it so. 

Maybe I should get one for my dress up box. Because yes, Gabriella came into my room tonight saying, "Mom, this goes in your dress-up clothes" because yes, I have them. And sometimes I let her play with them. Sometimes. 

Stone Mountain Christmas

Our big outing for the holidays was to visit Stone Mountain. It was my first time since I was a small child, and we were excited to see the lights and party with the kiddos. It turned out to be an amazing day!

There was a good mix of things for kids to do. We rode a train, watched a 4D movie, and ate funnel cake. They loved this giant barn filled with soft balls for throwing, tossing, shooting, and sorting. This part was truly the highlight for Isaac since he wasn't being shuffled from stroller to chair to lap and could actually run and play. The night wrapped up with a fun parade and more Christmas lights than you can blink at. Truly spectacular!

Mustard Leggings

Finally, I will leave you with my personal favorite purchase in December. I have this pair of mustard tights that I always want to wear... and Gabriella always wants me to wear. But as a mother of a very busy 18 month old and 4 year old, dresses with only tights underneath are out of the question. Someone is always lifting my dress or forcing me to sit on the floor. Not happening. 

So I decided to replace them with these leggings. Got them in the mail this week, and I will likely order more in other colors. They are super soft and possibly the most comfy pant I have ever worn. Ha! So I'm letting to know in case you're in the market.

UPDATE: I must add a disclaimer to the fabulous leggings after wearing them outside my house (aka with boots on). I am disappointed to report that my boots have picked/rubbed them quite a bit. I don't mind too much because I'll probably always be wearing the boots with them. But since I raved about them, I figure a fair warning is in order as I've never had that happen with other leggings. 

Hope your December was great. Let me know your favorite moments, activities, or pants of the season in the comments! Also, seriously... who else has lost a portion of their life to those Pretty Little Liars?

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