And He Will Be Called Mighty God

Lemonade International exists to partner with local leaders as they facilitate community development programs with the people of the La Limonada community in Guatemala City. Billy and I have been encouraged by and thankful for their work in the capital. I was delighted to join their Advent series featuring the names of God. 

My husband grew up hiking Guatemala's volcanoes. He loves to talk about Acatenango, and gleefully describes it like walking up a mountain of sand. And he never forgets the strong winds - so strong, in fact, that as teenagers, they would jump up into the air and let the wind blow them backwards, landing a few steps down the volcano.

Sometimes I want to experience God as mighty, like that wind.

Trudging up the mountains of poverty, racism, and injustice, there are times I want to let go, jump up, and let God blow me away with strength. The appeal of feeling lightweight amidst all the difficulties is real. I need a mighty God.

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