A Life with Subtitles: 2014

It's 7:00 on New Year's Eve, and I'm already in my pajamas. Between Nochebuena, Christmas, and Ella's fourth birthday, I'm a little worn out on "big moments" over the last week. Somehow it always feels like toddlers are just on the cusp of melting down, so I'm trying to walk that line between "LET'S DO ALL THE FUN THINGS!" and "Let's maintain our rather rigid routine because that keeps everyone from group sobbing."

So even though one of my neighbors has already started firing off his gun, tonight will be a low-key evening. In fact, the kids are already on their way to bed, so I have a couple minutes to share this post.

I like looking back over the blog at the end of the year. It's nice to remember some of the fun we had, and new friends encountered online along the way. The World Cup Wives will always stand out as the Belle of 2014. It started as a joke (or maybe more of a "threat" to our husbands), but quickly developed into one of the most delightful ways for me to jump into the global hype.

So here are a few of the most popular posts from 2014:

Immigration Facts to Shock Friends at Parties - This post became one of the most viewed ever on my site almost immediately. I was really glad that so many folks found it helpful and chose to share it. Some of the feedback was... "angry," but I was reminded that's to be expected. Made me even more grateful for this community of readers that is so compassionate and encouraging. I love you so!

The Not-So-Tragic Mulatto: What Growing Up Biracial Taught Me - Alyssa wrote this post a couple years ago, and I love to see that it's still be read and connecting with others. She has a beautiful story and tells it so well.

How I Met My Husband & How My Husband Came to the States - I've spent a great deal of 2014 re-working our Immigration Love Story series into a book. It's been challenging, emotional, and very exciting, and I really hope to have more developments to share in 2015. In the meantime, I hope these posts continue to be enjoyed here on the blog.

My Latino Husband is White - Ella might disagree with this post since she recently said to me: "You, me, and Isaac have the same skin. But not Papi. Papi's skin is brown." Still, I get new comments on this one periodically, and I think many can relate to the complexity of skin color, ethnicity, and identity discussed.

Why We're Sending Our Kids to Spanish Immersion School - I was delighted to have Bronwyn share her experiences and choices raising global children. She shares an insightful piece on the desire to nurture compassion in her children as they experience being the "other."

The Euphoria Begins - It was the post that started it all. While Billy and Ella were "kissing the badge," I was learning that phrase even existed! (And reading articles about whether it has become an empty gesture is soccer...) It was definitely a summer to remember (despite how hard Brazil may be trying to forget).

And if you are also snuggled in for a chill New Year's Eve and want some more reading material, here are few more favorite posts from 2014:

Usted y Tu y Vos - Someone recently told me they showed this video in a Spanish class they teach. Let me just apologize now as I think our explanation regarding Spanish grammar is flawed at best, but mostly just ridiculous.

We Pray for Reform - This prayer continues to be on my heart as we hope for and pray for and work for just and compassionate immigration reform.

Go For It! The #1 Advantage of Cross-Cultural Couples - There are folks out there who discourage intercultural relationships. Not me. I'm all for it! And I could be biased, but I do think we possess an important edge... ;)

Spanish with Ella - Gabriella made her video debut, which was a treat as expected. What I wouldn't have given to have a hidden camera filming her during this exchange.

I am so grateful for you all who read, comment, email, share, and everything else. I can't believe I started this blog almost four years ago, and I really can't believe how many of you I've met along the way. This year I even got Christmas cards from friends I originally met here on A Life with Subtitles! I look forward to a new year together and wish you all a beautiful welcome to 2015! One more exclamation point for good measure!


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