7 Bilingual Kid Movies on Netflix [Holiday Edition]

As the temperatures dip, kids are out of school, and colds rear their sniffling heads, your TV may be on a little bit more. At least in our house it is!

One way I rationalize extra screen time is finding ways to make it educational. We're big fans of PBS shows that promote literacy, science, and social skills. And since bilingualism is a really important part of our family, I am also always keeping an eye out for ways to incorporate more Spanish. TV can be a perfect way to boost my kids' exposure to their second language.

We utilize Netflix a great deal, and they do offer bilingual shows. Sadly, I have not found a simple way to search for Spanish cartoons on Netflix. Even when I changed my daughter's profile to Spanish, this only affected the menus, not viewing suggestions. Therefore, I have done a little research and compiled my own list to share.

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