5 Reasons to Love Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin. Have you seen it? It’s a fabulous new fall show on the CW. It all starts with Jane being accidentally artificially inseminated. I probably don’t even need to tell you anything more. I’m sure you’re already sold. But just in case… here’s a couple reasons I’m a big fan.

The breadth of language

While primarily in English, the slow also dabbles in Spanish. That basically represents our own household, so I always get a kick out of it. Even better, the show incorporates texting, icons, and notes scribbled on-screen to fill out the story. I love words in all shapes and sizes. 

Gina Rodriguez

She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Jane, and if they need me to vote, I will. (Do you vote for the Golden Globes? Probably not.) But I like her. She offers a great mix of humor and sincerity. She’s believably nice. 

The reality of immigration

In a recent twist, we learned a character was undocumented. I don’t know if they will do more with that storyline going forward, but it was interesting to me how it was somewhat casually introduced. While we were nervous when Billy was undocumented, there’s also the reality that most of the time, we were just living regular lives.


Drama is awesome

Jane the Virgin is based on a Venezuelan telenovela, and it includes every ounce of wild drama I could ever hope for. There’s a long-lost father, a dead body, and a couple overlapping love triangles. Since I can’t live that type of life (too exhausting!), I’ll just enjoy a little more Jane.

Seriously, have you seen this show? Am I crazy to be such a fan?


  1. I like how "Rafael" doesn't need any explanation...just a photo! :) How new is this show? Do you think I could find it on Hulu yet?

  2. LOL. Exactly. ;) This show just started this fall, and it's definitely on Hulu. That's how I watch it!


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