5 Guatemalan Goodies You Definitely Need

I was doing a quick Amazon search for a Guatemalan flag, and I came across some of the most amazing and surprising items. Everybody most certainly needs a couple of these patriotic items.

#1 - Outlet Cover
I mean how awesome is this? A flag for your electrical outlets! Plug in a fan. Turn on your hair dryer. !Vamos!

#2 - Pot Holders
Nothing helps you take hot things out of the oven like this Guatemalan flag superimposed on a brick wall.
#3 - Apron
And while you're in the kitchen, why not throw on this flag apron? Seriously, why not?
#4 - Flask
If you need a flag flask, I've got your number. Go patriotic!

Because everyone needs boxing gloves, and everyone needs them with flag flair!
What incredible, patriotic items have you found online?

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