7 Gifs for 7 Years of Marriage

Today Billy and I celebrate seven years of marriage. Wow.

I was looking at him with the kids yesterday and thought to myself, "Man. I didn't even know these three people eight years ago. Who knew they'd mean so much to me?"

Here are some fun gifs to represent a few lessons we've gleaned over the last seven years. I fully expect that the next seven will shift, confirm, or obliterate these altogether.

Don't worry about the toothpaste.

"Do you squeeze your toothpaste from the bottom or the middle?" This question sparked a conversation during our pre-marital counseling. How do you handle those tiny (and completely infuriating) little annoyances?

 Billy's response: Buy two tubes of toothpaste.

To some extent, we've tried to keep that general attitude towards stuff that's not all that important. (Except oh my goodness, why do you have to get out a new cup every time you want a sip of water?????)

Apologize often. Forgive quickly.

I'm still working on this one. But sometimes I float into the sky and watch myself. (Normal... yes?)

I see when I'm picking fights or being ornery. Then I ask myself, "Seriously. What purpose does this serve?"

Usually it's best to slam on the brakes and apologize. The quicker the better. And let's love each other with swift and full forgiveness.

Don't worry about date nights.

I know. I know. Everyone's always telling married people to schedule a weekly date night. Boo.

Maybe I'm weird, but I find that advice stressful. It's just... logistics. I don't have the energy.

Dates are good. We love to plan activities and go out. And it's important that we hang out together regularly.

I just can't do it weekly. Besides, we also love to watch Everybody Loves Raymond together while we fall asleep.

Experiment. Rinse. Repeat.

Remember those logistics? Once we had kids, the details of life somehow multiplied exponentially.

We had to start calling family meetings. Seriously.

As responsibilities starting landing willy nilly or slipping through the cracks, we needed to huddle up. We coordinate childcare, spilt to-do lists, go through the mail, yada yada.

And if something's not working... if one person is overwhelmed with housework or child shuffling or anything else, we try to readjust. Family meetings have helped us avoid a lot of arguments.

Get up early.

Okay, you do not need to get up early. But that has worked well for us.

We like to have a few moments of peace before the calvary is up and shouting. We drink coffee. We connect. We dream. Or we're just silent together in the same room.

Learn the team cheers.

If I had a dollar for every time Billy has said to me, "I support you 100%," I could own a gazillion goldfish. It's always so encouraging and empowering to know you've got someone in your corner.

Find a giant Rice Krispy treat.

On a road trip with friends, we stopped at a gas station. Billy and I discovered this gigantic Rice Krispy treat.

I don't recall the specifics, but we started telling jokes and giggling in the corner. A friend just looked at us and said, "I'm glad you guys crack each other up."

I like private jokes and shared adventures in marriage. While we love socializing with others, it's also fun to remember we have a relationship that's just us.

What has worked well in your marriage or those you admire?


  1. scribbleprints11:56 AM

    Amen! Well, except for family meetings and the getting up early thing (we replace staying up late--we're both night owls), but that's just me (in childhood I remember family meetings being these horridly awkward affairs where my mom would air all her grievances and basically ask me to have an opinion. NOT FUN or USEFUL. So we have a rule not to argue in front of the kids (which I have trouble keeping sometimes...but I still think it's right). But lots of discussion between us behind our locked bedroom door? Yeah.

  2. Haha. Yes, that family meeting does not sound like fun. Ours actually aren't fun, either, but much more logistical. "It's open enrollment! Let's make vision insurance decisions!" Those are the opinions we're discussing. :)

  3. Katie7:16 PM

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Wait a minute--watching tv together doesn't count as a date? I've been doing it wrong this whole time. ;P I'm excited to find and explore your blog, as another in a cross-cultural marriage. I also want our future kids to grow up bilingual, or tri-, but we plan to live in an English and Chinese-speaking atmosphere, so I can imagine it will be tricky to include enough Spanish regularly, especially because I'm not fluent...

  5. Hi Rachel! Great to meet you! I would love for my kids to be trilingual. Right now there's a strong possibility they will attend a bilingual (English/Mandarin) elementary and middle school, so I'm so interested to see how that goes. I could never do it on my own because I'm personally pretty monolingual. So the school will be super helpful! Also, I think you're right. TV watching is totally a date! :)


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