The Superlatives {October 2014}

October is all fall, baby. And even though summer is my favorite season, this is definitely a fun one!


In true World Cup Wives fashion, I headed to an Atlanta Silverbacks game this month with Billy and some friends. I believe some soccer was played.

What I can tell you more definitely is that we sat behind the "cheering section," which is full of some of the most interesting, complicated characters you'll meet. We were particularly struck by one tall, skinny boy who appeared to be in high school.

While the drums banged and drunk people danced, he remained stoned face while his shoulders did all the talking. It was the most amazing of shoulder dancing routines, if such a category should exist. We could not stop laughing.

It brought great joy to the crowd. In fact, the guy in front of me videotaped it. Which I know because I was openly watching it over his shoulder. Which became incredibly awkward when he felt my presence, turned around, and then kindly tried to hold up his phone for me to see.

I just kept apologizing, but also watching. I have no idea what proper etiquette is for these technology-related moments. He also posted it to Instagram. I stopped short of asking for his account name. (It was just far enough away that I couldn't read it myself!)


Since I'm on this awkward train already, next stop is BJ Novak's book tour. Yes, Ryan from the Office wrote a children's book. My friend Katie and I attended the book reading... without any children... even though we both have them.

So he read the book to a group of hilarious, outspoken children and then answered their questions, which were plentiful. He also spoke to the adults, and I was really intrigued to hear about his writing habits and general writer's lifestyle. I did not ask a question because I knew if I raised my hand I would be able to say nothing except, "Please talk to me about Mindy."

They did not allow pictures with BJ. Naturally, Katie and I thought we'd be stealthy and take a photo of ourselves which a suspiciously large gap in between. What made this experience even more awesome is that it took us an inappropriate amount of time to reverse the camera. We were holding it up, shouting, "Where are we??? Who is that girl???" Only to lower the camera and see said girl waiting behind us in line. Yep. Let's flip that camera around, please.


Okay, y'all. I started watching Nashville. I've always stayed away because I felt I needed to start this one from the very beginning. (Thank you, Hulu.) I'm hooked.


This is not earth-shattering, but I've become obsessed with roasted vegetables this month. Normally, I over-oil the veggies, which makes it all kind of slimy. When I asked Billy how he made them so amazing, he gently explained how he mixed the EVOO, salt, and pepper in a bowl and brushed it on.

But seriously, friends. I hate broccoli. I only ever buy it because Billy and Ella love it, and someone once said you should eat vegetables. But roasted broccoli???? Oh my goodness. I was eating it like candy after the kids went to bed.


This month I ordered Amy Poehler's book Yes Please. I can't wait to read it!


A haunted maze has been on my bucket list for a while. I don't like gore, but I love suspense and nervousness and getting freaked out. Billy graciously agreed to drive me an hour out of the city to visit a haunted corn maze.

Yes, being outside the city can sometimes freak us out a bit. It was super fun, though. Very low-key. Basically high schoolers wandering out of the corn at unexpected moments. Me using Billy as a human shield. The usual.

Of course, a close runner up was taking the kids to a pumpkin patch. They had a ball, and enjoyed watching them have such a good time.


We had some fun here on the blog with this video post. It was the most popular post of the month. Billy and I will likely do some more videos together we had such a good time!


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What were you into this month?


  1. Hi Sarah! LOVE the roasted veggies. Love 'em all. And now I know why they've been a bit too slimy. Thanks for the heads up on the brush!

  2. Oh man, I bet that BJ Novak reading was awesome!! I too would have Mindy-fangirled all over him.

  3. How cool! I want to get BJ Novak's book for my boys, too! I also ordered Amy Poehler's book - Great minds must think alike. ;) Loving it so far!

  4. I'm here for the link up! :)

    I loved your story about the Silverbacks game! I'll be honest...I love sports, but crowd watching provides most of the entertainment at a live game!

    I keep hearing about Novak and his childrens' book but I had no idea that he was also an actor. (I've never watched The Office...) Thanks for making the connection!

    I love roasting veggies in the oven! Thanks for telling me about the brushing on the oil trick. I've never thought to do it that way and I never know how much oil to do either. Brushing it on will help!

  5. Hi Victoria! Welcome! The kids loved Novak's book, so it seems like a big hit. :) If you're into crowd watching, especially soccer, you should definitely join us for World Cup Wives 2018. Glad you stopped by!

  6. Oh yay! I'm so excited... just waiting for the mailman to deliver. :) I hope you enjoy Novak's book. The kids at the reading were howling. :)

  7. It took every ounce of my self-control not to. LOL. Glad to know there's another Mindy fangirl out there!

  8. So simple, right? I never thought of it. Glad the hubs is a cooking genius! :)

  9. Thank you for the welcome, Sarah! :)

    I'm glad you and your kids enjoyed the book.

    Thanks for the invite!

  10. So cool you got to see BJ Novak! I've heard good things about his books. He seems like a multi-talented guy. I went to a haunted maze when I was in college and it was way scarier than your experience. Never again!

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Leigh. He does seem like a man of many talents. I got his book of short stories, and I can't wait to see what they are like!


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