A Grandparent's Guide to Facebook

This was a fun little post I put together after some hilarious conversations with friends. The content was "crowd-sourced." And don't worry, my mom already knows they're not ALL about her.

Facebook launched when your kids were in college. You never paid much attention because it was a college-kid thing. But now anyone can join, and you have logged in with the masses for one reason and one reason alone: grandkids.

Your kids had babies and refused to email you a daily photo or a monthly mailer of candids. That's okay. There's Facebook.

Now that you've been clicking around the site for a while, you've learned a few things. And there are some tricks of the trade that all grandparents need to know.

1. Set your profile pic.

Get out that choice photo from a vacation fifteen years ago or maybe a college glamour shot. And don't be afraid to change it frequently, if you want. Like every day.

2. Like every photo.

Otherwise, how will your grandchildren know you love them? You joined Facebook for access to these gems, so make it count! Leave no child unliked.

3. Out-comment your in-laws.

If they write "so sweet" on that pic of your shared grandson, you'll post "precious." Don't reserve in-law battles for the holidays. Facebook lets you compete for affection year-round!

4. Share every photo.

Your kids post a grandbaby photo you love? Share it! They upload an average, blurry photo? Share it!

5. Share inspirational quotes.

There's so much negativity in the world. Don't be afraid to brighten your corner of the world with sunsets and bold script.

Image source: Pedro Szekely ~ Text: Sarah Quezada

6. Talk to your kids publicly.

They won't answer their cell phone? That's fine. Just ask them anything or share any news in the first text box you come across. It may be your status update or a photo comment, but they'll get the news that your Aunt Carla is starting a new job next week.

7. Throw Back Thursday.

Have you heard of #TBT? It's the perfect opportunity to share baby photos or kid pics of your adult children... and their friends! Tag away, good people. Tag away.

8. You can never use too many emojis.

Nothing says "that toddler is so hilarious" better than a giant face laughing with tears. Emojis (Or as my mother calls them... e-motives) can be your new best friends.

9. Overshare.

Feel free. It's Facebook!

Isn't it wonderful that we're all on Facebook?


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! One of my friends says her mom only gets on every few days and when she does her notifications blow up as mom likes every single thing she's posted. She calls it a drive by momming.
    Both my mother and my MIL are on FB, but neither of the dads are. Funny how it seems to be much more the grandmothers that do this kind of thing, although I know they share with their husbands too.

  2. LOL. I love that - "Drive By Momming." I have the same problem. I typically have a FB tab open when I'm working, but I've been known to close it when that's happening. I'll just wait till it's over. ;)


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