The Easy Way to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th is a double whammy. It’s Guatemalan Independence Day, celebrating liberation from Spain in 1821. And it’s the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, which (kind of bizarrely) extends until October 15.

I dig an opportunity to celebrate a theme, especially ones important to our family like these. Since my kids have many friends who are not Hispanic, I have also tried to think of ways to include other families in our heritage celebrations. I want to keep our family's multicultural identity incorporated into our life in ways that feel authentic and connect us to others.

So I throw the easiest party in the world. I invite friends to join us at a local Guatemalan restaurant for dinner. We're grateful for adventurous, globally-minded friends who jump at the chance to try new things and show Billy a little love by embracing his culture.

We've learned a couple things in our experience of this tradition. We call ahead and let the restaurant know we're bringing a group. And this year we pre-ordered appetizers for the hungry "kids" to eat while we wait.

I also went all out and printed Guatemalan-themed coloring/activity sheets for the kids. If you're interested in the specifics or looking for some yourself, you can find them on my Pinterest board. Finally, I have been wondering what to do with the plethora of Guatemalan coins hiding throughout our house. So I gathered them up and gave each kid their very own Quetzal.

I love parties, but I rarely have time to plan them. This gathering has become something I look forward to in September. It's a fun way to honor my kids' Hispanic heritage and an easy on-ramp for our friends to join in the celebration!


  1. This is great! I hope the food was good :)

  2. Thanks, Carrie. It was yummy! :)

  3. I love this idea of celebrating your family's Hispanic heritage with a dinner and globally-minded friends! Too bad, there aren't any Puerto Rican restaurants in our neck of the woods. We celebrated with a HHM fiesta for kids. :)

  4. Thanks, Frances! A kid-friendly fiesta sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  5. Oh my goodness. We LOVE Peruvian food, especially saltado. There's a Peruvian restaurant here we've visited a couple of times. Delicious! Hope you all enjoy your celebration.

  6. Leanna Alldonemonkey5:17 PM

    What a fun way to celebrate! I love keeping it simple but still meaningful. And what a great idea to hand out the coins! I bet the kids loved that.

  7. Thanks, Leanna. They did get a kick out of the coins. Although a couple of the older kids had some questions about exchange rates that were kinda hard to answer! :)

  8. What a great and easy way to celebrate! I'm going to have to use this idea next year though we'll be heading to a Peruvian restaurant as that's my husband's heritage.


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