The Book Your Baby Can't Tell You He Wants

Okay friends, two out of two Quezada babies have adored this multicultural board book. I'm taking their passion to the streets since I thought several of you might enjoy it as well.

It's a simple book with sweet portraits of babies from around the world. The entire narration is basically one sentence, so the real focus is the photos. We love that the first baby featured is from Guatemala! And our copy is a bilingual, so our kids hear both languages.

Seriously, Ella enjoyed this book so much, I gave away a copy a couple years ago. And now, here I am again, and it's the only book Isaac will sit completely still through. He loves it. He especially fancies the little baby from India. Presh.

So it comes with our highest recommendation. A sweet addition to your bilingual bookshelf or a lovely little baby shower gift. If you want a copy, you can find it here on Amazon.

Note: If you purchase the book through the link, I receive a small kickback for the referral. It doesn't affect your purchase price, and it didn't influence my post. Seriously, no one asked me to write this. We just love this little book. 

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