One Drop of Love: A Must See Show

Last week I was out of town bowling and doing improv with my co-workers. It was super fun, but my time away from Atlanta meant I was gone on the birthday of my dear friend, Katie. (You may remember her as my co-conspirator during the World Cup.)

After returning, we celebrated by going to the Fox Theater to see One Drop of Love. It's a multimedia solo performance produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and the show's writer/performer Fanshen Cox DiGivanni. It. Was. Phenomenal.

Fanshen tells her family's story as an exploration into her own racial identity. She reenacts experiences from conversations with her Jamaican grandmother to her travels in Africa to childhood memories with her white mother to her marriage to her Italian husband.

Hers is a fascinating narrative that spans decades and continents as she explores her heritage and crafts a multicultural identity. It offered some great conversation starters, including police brutality, the awkwardness of returning to a "home" where you don't fit, racial assumptions, and more.

Check out the trailer:

Find out where she'll be performing here. If you don't see an area near you listed, I'd keep an eye out. I have a feeling more dates will continue to be added.

Have you seen this show or another one whose message affected you?

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