What I'm Into {July}

July was full of parties and celebration. Given my love of hype, I wish I could relive July.

First, the World Cup final. It was awesome. I know. We're a big Argentina fan fam, but the outcome did not dampen our spirits.

We found an Argentine restaurant here in Atlanta. And they didn't just show the game. They like roasted an entire cow over an open flame. True to the Argentine reputation, it was delicious.

Some friends joined us, and we squeezed at tables with strangers. We painted our faces. We cheered. We were disappointed. And then we went home. It was incredible.

Isaac turned one. I am so happy. It's not that I don't love those baby months... but yeah, I don't. Delighted to watch him becoming a little boy. He's started walking around, rearranging furniture like it's his job. So much fun.

I also had some moments this month that Ella is just becoming such a kid-kid. (These are official child development stages, by the way, "little boy" and "kid-kid.")

Basically, she's like a professional puzzler. She picked out a 36 piece floor puzzle at our local thrift store, and I thought, "Oh, this is not going to go well." Then she came home and put together pretty much all by herself. I was stunned.

So she's been growing her puzzle collection, although the original one (pictured) is still my favorite. It's gender neutral and the images are like mini-puzzles she can complete and then hook them all together.

She and I also discovered the Photo Booth app on my MacBook. Needless to say, these gems are only a sliver sampling of the gazillions of images now in existence.

My high school BFF and her hubby came to town, which was such a delight. We enjoyed a Braves game. In my opinion, baseball should wrap it up after about the 4th inning. But we made our own fun, walking around the stadium and chatting.

She got me all caught up on her amazing new bakery. If you're in the North Carolina area, you should totally check it out. I have two years of roommate experience to verify her delicious sweet treats!

Billy and I vacationed sans kiddos. (Awesome.) It means I had a lot of extra time to read this month. I finished The Circle, which was an eery novel about the Internet taking over our lives. There were moments I wanted a touch more sophistication, but it was creative and raised some super thought-provoking questions.

I loved The $100 Startup because I have a strange obsession with business/entrepreneur books. This was one of my favorites I've read, though. Practical, varied, and inspirational.

Attachments. I discovered this playful, romantic novel via these "What I'm Into" link-ups from Addie Zierman's June edition. It was the quintesential beach read. Quick, fun, and a lot of fear about the impending Y2K. (Ah, the good 'ole days...)

Also in July I read Love Does by Bob Goff. He is super entertaining and has lived a big life. I thoroughly enjoyed his storytelling. I would've read the book just to read antecdotes from his life.

The book encouraged a bold, big life lived for God. Very attractive. But since my life involves a lot of typing and diaper changing, some of the ways the book tried to universalize his experiences I had to take with several grains of salt.

In July, I also received copies of Jen Hatmaker and Eugene Cho's new books. I've already started Overrated by Cho and am so excited about the message. Posts on these books coming soon!

I'll wrap this up with a few favorite links from July.

On the topic of immigration and children crossing the border:

And because I like to mash-up serious stuff with funny:

What were you into this month?

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