The Fallen Tributes {#WorldCupWives}

If the opening ceremonies reminded me of the Hunger Games, we're now shining lights in the sky. We've said good-bye to a lot of teams and players we've grown to love in this World Cup:

Luis "I will chomp you" Suarez.
Our boys in the red, white, blue.
Shakira's boyfriend. (Remember when Spain was in the World Cup?)
And today... the mighty Ticos.

Katie and I check in now that the tournament is down to just four remaining teams.

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One awesome benefit of the Internet is that the stars live on in the memes, gifs, vines, and probably several other media options I know nothing about. Here are some of my favorite odes to the fallen tributes:

Tim Howard - U.S. Goalkeeper
His record 16 saves during the Belgium game... all at the same time.

Source: YahooSports
Luis Suarez - Uruguayan Biter
A fun jab at the crazy biting incident and FIFA's Line Technology.

Source: Sportige
Guillermo Ochoa - Mexican Goalkeeper
He was awesome against Brazil.

Source: FutbolRed
Ronaldo Cristiano - Portugal Striker
When he scored against Ghana, it assured the U.S. a spot in the knockout round. (I don't know... don't ask.) Weirdly, he became the U.S. MVP.

Source: Storify

Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and the Netherlands are left standing. Who are you cheering for? Got any favorite memes? Share in the comments!


  1. Denise L Hershberger10:04 PM

    Argentina!!! I want to see a Brazil/Argentina final and an Argentine win.

    If my Ticos can't win at least a Spanish speaking country can :)

  2. I had to just laugh because out of 32 teams, the 4 teams I least wanted are now in the semi-finals, haha! So at this point, I guess I would say I am hoping for anyone besides the Netherlands - I really, really don't want them to win :(

    PS - I loved this post and the fallen tributes idea, too funny!

  3. The good news about your reverse cheering strategy is you have a 75% chance of coming out ahead! Yay! :)

  4. Tracy9:43 AM

    I'm with Carrie. At this point I just really want the Netherlands to lose and it would be awesome if they lost in some sort of glorious, memorable and humiliating way lol (Vindictive? Who? Me?) ;)

    I've been reminded of The Hunger Games many times during this World Cup too! Lol...The arm crossing holograms of players, the torrential rain and hot weather which makes it seem like the corrupt gamemakers (aka FIFA) want to make it difficult for the players and entertain those of us back here in the Capital. Jajaja

  5. Hahaha. I think the Hunger Games offers a lot of options regarding dramatic exits. Maybe the gamemakers have something in mind for the Netherlands!


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