If It Were My Child

My husband recently posted a video on Facebook. It depicts a woman waiting by the train tracks to toss bags of food and supplies to migrants traveling on the trains through her town. (I cannot figure out how to embed it, but you can view it on my Facebook page here.)

I can't even talk about it without tearing up.

Because when I saw that woman, all I could think was that she probably does this because she has a child traveling somewhere North. And my mama heart went out to her mama heart.

I keep hearing stories of unaccompanied, Guatemalan children crossing the border. I am the mother of two half-Guatemalan children.

One report mentioned a child as young as 3 coming. My oldest child is 3 and a half.

And I just keep thinking, "What if it were my Gabriella crossing the border without me?"

My mind has gone a thousand different directions with that question. From the horrifying "What if she got hurt?" to the ridiculous "Could she actually talk non-stop on such a journey?"

I've worried about her supplies, about someone looking out for her in the group, about her safety.

But when I saw that video, all I could hope is that another mama along the way would give her food and water. And maybe some stickers... she just loves stickers.


  1. I think about these children alot. As mothers we always want to give our children the best future possible. My youngest two are half honduran and I am grateful my husband was brave enough to come here. I cant even imagine the turmoil in the hearts and minds of those babies parents. I wish nothing but the best for them and their families.

  2. I know. I can't imagine what those moms & dads must be feeling and thinking and experiencing in it all. You say it so well... we all desire the best future possible for our kids. Thanks, Amy.

  3. I've been thinking about this all - it feels so complicated in my mind - I don't even know how I feel or should feel about it. Except it breaks my heart to think of those kids crossing the border all by themselves. It is such a hard issue!

  4. Definitely. There's no simple or easy answer.


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