How the World Cup Helped Me Love My Husband Better

The World Cup has caught me by surprise this year. I mean... not like I didn't know it was coming. The tournament bracket has been on our fridge literally since May.

Nope. What's surprised me is how much I've enjoyed it.

The World Cup Wives started on somewhat of a whim. Basically, a conversation began with "Oh man, we're going to be watching a lot of soccer this summer" and quickly escalated to "They will fly us down to Brazil to interview the players about their babies and maybe... just maybe.. we'll bring our husbands with us." 

But a community quickly emerged, and I immediately started learning more about the players, the teams, and the countries. Suddenly, I found myself very invested.

Billy and I were having all kinds of conversations about footballers. One night he was even watching ESPN when I overheard a joke about Messi. I totally got it because I had read an article about his childhood soccer experiences. Billy was all, "What on earth is happening? And why do I have no idea what you're talking about?" 

All my reading and video planning means I've been pretty on top of the game schedule. One day I came home and joined Billy at the TV. I had been following the game on Twitter, so I already knew that the Uruguayan jerseys were awkwardly tight.

I realized how weird things had gotten when I found myself watching the Argentina game this past weekend while Billy was at work. But thanks to our love of Voxer, we walkie-talkied during the game. It was fun to share his excitement.

Billy actually mentioned to me recently that he's glad I started doing the World Cup Wives project. He said it's been nice to come home and the game is already on because I'm into it.

We've always been a "best friends" kind of couple. We genuinely enjoy doing things together. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but we have always spent a lot of time with each other and a great deal of that time is spent laughing.

I didn't really get involved with the World Cup Wives thinking this would be a good way to show interest in one of my husband's interests. In fact, I worried I might end up annoying him.

But, as it turns out, I've been joining in the World Cup in a way that works for me. I still don't understand "off-sides" and some of the actual games lose my interest from time to time. But I love watching comments on Twitter, enjoying the memes, and learning all of the non-soccer-related hype.

Turns out Billy likes the soccer, but (as I should've guessed) he also enjoys the hype. So we've shared a lot of videos with each other, dressed up in a lot of patriotic paraphernalia, and added a new topic to our conversational tool box.

In our particular season of life, sometimes it feels like marriage has taken a hiatus for a well-oiled partnership. Our conversations focus on babysitter schedules, house chores, shopping lists, and the like. This summer it's been a fun diversion to talk "about" soccer.

I'm grateful that the World Cup has brought us closer. It's been a fun surprise!

Which of your spouse's interests have you tried to join in? Have you ever liked it more than you expected?

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