Exam Rooms, Dogs, & 33

Image Credit: Erica Feliciano

This week I turned 33. There is one story that comes to my mind whenever I hear that number. And it takes me back to an Argentine exam room I shared with a dog.

I feel like I've had an abnormal need to check in with a medical professionals around the world. I am basically a medical tourist.

Hometown doctor in Xela, Guatemala? Check. Ultrasound in Guatemala City? Of course! Pediatrician home visit in Argentina? Best. Medical. Experience. Ever. Because who wants to drag a sick infant to the doctor???

And then I got the sniffles myself in Argentina. When I was feeling particularly like death, we decided to stop by and see someone.

A kind fellow checked me in at the front desk. He disappeared back into the office and a few minutes later, I was called into an exam room.

Imagine my surprise when I was greeted in the room by this same man. Also there was a dog sleeping in the corner.

He pressed a stethoscope to my back. The doctor wanted me to repeat the number 33.

Since Billy was translating, I wasn't sure whether to say it in English or Spanish. I went with Spanish.

Treinta y tres. Go ahead and try saying that over and over. It's kind of a mouthful. And then I made eye contact with Billy and promptly started giggling. Treinta y tres has been our favorite number ever since.

Good news was I was better in like 24 hours. Love me some international healthcare!

(For another fun perspective on remedies in Guatemala, check out this guest post from my friend Carrie.)

Have you ever seen the doctor in another country?

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