What I'm Into {June}

If you read this blog regularly, you already know I've been into the World Cup this June. So I'm just going to blow right past it for this monthly update with Leigh Kramer's link up.

I adore summer. So it's been super fun to get outside, spending our free time at parks and pools. Here's a few things I've been into this June:


This app could totally change your life. I'm completely serious. It's an intuitive design software for those of us who love the idea but don't have the skills.

You can whip up some pretty fun stuff with this bad boy. I had so much fun putting together this infographic!

Toddler Art

Ella got creative this month, too. This character haunts me around the house. It's square smile is plastered on every scrap piece of paper in the house, the bathroom walls, and the carpet in the guest room.

Lest you wonder if Ella is often left alone at home for long stretches of time, I assure you she is an artist that can boast of speed and her ability to find a clandestine moment. I see a bright graffiti portfolio in her future.

A friend recommended this stain remover off Amazon. The guest room carpet is already looking better!

To the Theater

To give Ella more time to decorate, Billy and I went out for a date night this month. We randomly saw the movie Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Our expectations were pretty low, but we were pleasantly surprised. There were some parts that actually made me laugh out loud, which is actually kind of a challenge for a movie.

What was not funny? My book club saw The Fault in Our Stars. It's a tear-jerker! Weird coming of age moment for me, though. I related to the mother more than the adolescent main character. Basically anytime the parents were on screen, I was crying.

The Stranger

Billy and I were invited to share our immigration story at a local screen of The Stranger. It's a film from the Evangelical Immigration Table.

I super appreciated the variety of stories the film included. It gave a really diverse view of the challenges immigrant families are facing and reaffirmed the urgent need for reform. So glad we got to see it and participate.

Best Birthday Present EVER

Okay, you all. So Billy bought me the best birthday gift. My birthday's not till next month, but he bought it in June, so I'm including it now.

He got me a day tour of the local Hunger Games FILMING SITES HERE IN ATLANTA. I would type this whole paragraph in caps if it wouldn't be too hard to read. Forget it... I'M VISITING THE HUNGER GAMES FILMING SITES!

There's also a themed lunch. Can you imagine it? Actually, now that I write that out, I realize it's called the Hunger Games. And they mostly ate like berries and leaves. I should pack some snacks....

What are your favorites from June? (And are you watching the World Cup?)


  1. Bethany Beachum11:55 AM

    Just recently discovered your blog & I think it's great! I am engaged to a Nicaraguan & love reading your perspective on cross-cultural relationships. Thank you & keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Bethany! So glad you stopped by and commented. I'd love to hear more of your story. Feel free to email me anytime or reach out on social media! :)

  3. Yes, Canva is great! That infographic was super fun too :)

  4. Thanks! And yes, Canva has worked its way into nearly every aspect of my life. Just amazing.


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