The Incident {#WorldCupWives}

Some exciting things happened at the World Cup today. Costa Rica came through to be #1 in Group D, which was awesome-ly underdog shocking!

And then someone had the opportunity to tweet this picture above. Katie and I talk about Uruguay's Luis Suarez.

(Note: If you're reading this via email or RSS, you may need to click here to watch the video.)

Did you see this? Please... weigh in.


  1. I was so sad to see Italy lose to Uruguay - they play dirty, and this just proves that point!

  2. Yahoo Costa Rica. Our Canadian family cheering for Costa Rica while living in Mexico....pretty awesome. Thanks again for all the great stickes we are having a great time getting our album completed.

  3. Melissa9:00 AM

    When my husband confirmed the biting story for me yesterday, my reaction was, "Seriously?! A grown. Man. BIT! Someone? What is he, 5??" (Ok, it's grammatically awkward to write that way, but that's how it came out when I said it.) So crazy! I do believe the thumb-sucking is usually a tribute to the player's baby when they score, kind of like when they shove the ball under their shirt to tribute their pregnant wife/girlfriend. Still strange, if you didn't know the context. I had to have that one explained to me by my Spanish husband, as well. I have no idea what the nose-picking is about, though! LOL

  4. HAHAHAHA. I had NO IDEA thumb sucking was a nod to babies OR that players stuffed the ball under their shirts. (I'm going to keep an eye out for that one!) Hysterical. Love it! Thanks for enlightening us, Melissa!

  5. You are so welcome. Glad you are enjoying them! Yay Costa Rica!! And yay Mexico! So. Much. Fun. :)

  6. Haha. Yes, it was not the most sportsman-like of moves. Oh, Uruguay...


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