The Fashion Report {#WorldCupWives}

Image Source: Societe Perrier

I had no idea that teams change up their jerseys from the previous World Cup. I mean... I guess it has been four years. These guys gotta keep in style. 

We've been eyeing the threads and the conversation on Twitter has been sprinkled with lots of opinions on the jerseys. Here's a quick video update after the first weekend of games!

Want to read more about the teams' fashion choices? The World Cup Wives got your back. Here's some fun articles from across the web:

The Real Reason Uruguay Lost to Costa Rica via Buzzfeed (Oh, Uruguay....)

Every World Cup Jersey Ranked From Worst to Best from the wise guys at GQ - This article tells you awesome stuff like which team commissioned their own font! #dreamcometrue

What's your favorite jersey so far? 

And we'd love to see you, your kids, or your family sporting your fan-tastic duds! Post on the Facebook page or share on Twitter with hashtag #WorldCupWives!

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