Let the Games Begin! {#WorldCupWives}

All the counting down, bracket filling out, and general hype has led to this moment. The World Cup has begun! It's been so fun to hear your game experiences on Twitter. (Join us tweeting the hashtag #WorldCupWives.)

Here's our take on the opening ceremonies, the inaugural game, and the start of the world's biggest tournament. (Is that true? I just kinda made that up... seems plausible.)

How do you watch the first game? Did you see the opening ceremonies?

Image source: CBC Sports


  1. I wasn't impressed with the opening ceremonies either. Pitbulls capris were awful!

    However, I actually do like to watch the soccer part too - and I was on pins and needles during the Mexico-Cameroon game today. Arriba Mexico!!! Poor Mardo had to work so I was texting him updates during the whole game, as well as trying desperately to distract Micah so he wouldn't keep turning off the t.v., haha!

  2. Haha! So many fun games today. I'm glad you're enjoying them and keeping Mardo and Micah involved. :)

    And Pitbull... I don't understand how everyone can take one look at the screen and say "oh no," yet no one in his crew gave him a head's up. Not okay....


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