In a Translation Pinch? Bada Bing!

Do you have a multilingual News Feed on Facebook? Thanks to my husband and many of our friends, I have a pretty regular stream of Spanish updates on my screen.

Often, I know enough Spanglish to decipher the basic gist. But thanks to the World Cup, the Espanol in my Feed has increased. And sometimes I need a bit of help to keep up. 

Hello, Bing!

Have you ever noticed that handy "See Translation" tag underneath foreign language updates? It offers hilarious pseudo-translations of your friends' comments.

Here are some examples of my husband's updates and the accompanying translations:

"It should be cold." But it's super hot.. don't let the pictures fool you!

This one... I don't understand at all. "Converted into the boat time where all referees want us."

And my favorite:

Because... batteries, people!!!! This became a Quezada catchphrase for a while after this post.

My other favorite thing is that Bing translates "Chapines," a slang term for "Guatemalans" as "slippers." Makes for some amusing updates.

Have you had fun, albeit confusing, translation experiences?


  1. lol! The funniest one that I saw was from English to Spanish in Costa Rica. There were English-speaking people who owned a hostel that I visited, and they had translated the "rules" and posted a sign on the door of each room. They wanted to say that they were not responsible for any items left in the room. But instead of saying "cosas dejadas en el cuarto" they said "cosas izquierdas en el cuarto." Ha! I'm sure I've made some pretty bad Spanish blunders, but it's always funny when you can tell an online translator has done something.

  2. Nice. It's funny how you don't notice which words we use different ways until translation gets involved!

  3. Denise L Hershberger8:59 PM

    I used to teach high school Spanish and I could always tell when the kids would use a translator. One of my favorites was "Me gusta trabajar afuera" for I like to workout.

  4. Oh, teenagers. They think they are so sneaky. Great example! :)

  5. Haha! This made me laugh, I love how it translated "barca" for boat.

  6. Ha! I'm glad you figured that out. I had no idea what was happening there! :)


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