Oh, English, You Crazy Friend

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You've probably heard jokes about how challenging it is to learn the English language. And, of course, if you've ever spent time trying to help someone learn... it doesn't take long before you hear yourself saying, "I have no idea. That's just how it is."

Oh, no? Well, if you haven't said that, you're probably a much better tutor than me.

But English spellings continue to bring great joy and laughter to our house. 

It all started in Las Vegas (as every good story does...). Well, I guess technically it started with "do you want to grav some coffee?"

But in Vegas, we pulled into a parking garage before a wild day of buffet-perusing and poolside basking.

Trying to remember where we parked, I pointed at a sign "Ah, okay. Aisle 2." (Note: It actually wasn't the sign in the picture above... although that would be cool, right?)

Billy started at me. He pointed at the same sign. "That," he said. "That is how you spell 'aisle'?!"

He then proceeded to pronounce it as though it were a Spanish word: Eye-eeez-lay. To this day, that's how I remind myself how to spell it!

More recently, my sweet husband wanted to show us #WorldCupWives some love on social media. When I saw his post, however, it was the #WorldCupWifes.

He wanted a lot of explanation why that "f" becomes a "v." I could offer little. I just decided to be content with the fact that my husband is unfamiliar with pluralizing the word "wife"!

Finally, here's an example that just cracked me up:

Image source: Adult ESL Jobs

Okay, one last humorous share for you today. Because let's be honest... text messaging and autocorrect are making spelling a daily joke.

Twice this week, I've typed the word "excellent" only to have my phone change it to "eccentric" and "excrement". Seriously? And also, my dear Galaxy, can we just assume I'm never using the word "abd" and always change that to "and"? Gracias.

So here's one of my favorites. Enjoy!

What word spellings do you find amusing? And also... how much did you lobe that video???


  1. Ha ha, yeah. Spanish is so much easier to pronounce even if you've never ever seen the word before! ;)
    And oh oh oh, you have a Galaxy? I just got one yesterday (first smartphone ever). Help a sister out? I know you replied once about apps, but I'm sure I'll never find that... favorites? Link to that one post?

  2. Yeah for the Galaxy. I love it. I love a giant screen! Weirdly, I've written two posts on apps, so here they are: http://www.alifewithsubtitles.com/2014/04/5-apps-for-busy-you.html and http://www.alifewithsubtitles.com/2013/09/3-game-changing-apps-for-international.html. I'd add to the list Evernote. I use it a ton! :) Enjoy your new phone!!!

  3. Greg Angeli6:10 PM

    I’ve been teaching English to Spanish speakers for about five
    years. When you tell them that you wind
    a watch and the wind blows and they ask why the same word has the same spelling
    but different meanings and pronunciation I usually just shrug my shoulders and
    say, “because it’s English.” I’m also
    trying to learn Spanish and that language has its share of spelling
    changes. I think my favorite is faz, the
    plural is faces, which is of course English for the same word.

  4. Oh homophones. They are so bizarre! I've not seen the word faz for face. That is an amusing spelling change!


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