Love Story Round-Up {#WorldCupWives}

Photo credit: Katie Brady

You may remember that a few weeks ago, Katie and I shared our first video post, introducing ourselves and getting this #WorldCupWives party started! We told the stories of how our loved ones have engaged us in their love of soccer.

And we asked you to share your stories. We've already heard some pretty funny scenarios from Facebook comments and in-person conversations. Anecdote gold, my friends!

A few other bloggers did us the honor of telling their fútbol love stories online. I wanted to highlight those here. They are stellar, and you should definitely check them out.

Chicharito and the #WorldCupWives at Latinaish

This post includes some amazing videos in honor of the Mexico footballer Chicharito (nickname meaning "little pea"). And Latinaish is super funny, so you'll enjoy her perspective! Read it here.

#WorldCupWives (AKA How I Got Introduced to International Soccer) by Abby Fahmi

"To say that soccer is a part of our lives is like saying the water is where fish live. MLS takes up about 30% of my husband's time, between being a photographer for a website that covers the Columbus Crew, to running a 90 minute a week podcast for said website, even in the off season." Read Abby's post.

A Fútbol Love Story by Michelle

"He says {our first date} was when he invited me to lunch at Rainbow Cafe. We ordered soup and grilled cheese and made small talk while we watched the Brasil game during the 2010 World Cup. Really, he watched and wondered, why does that team have such ugly uniforms? We paid separately. The verdict is still out on what really counts as our first date." Read Michelle's post.

Becoming a Fan of Fútbol by Carrie

"I quickly came to realize what a big role fútbol played in Guatemala. It was the game of choice for kids at recess and on the street, and you could always find a game or two to watch on T.V. As an ESL teacher, I found out a great way to get kids talking was to throw out the all-important question, "Sos Barca o Real?" (Do you cheer for Barcelona or Real Madrid?) Read Carrie's post.

We are counting down for the actual fun to begin. The World Cup is coming soon!


  1. Oh my goodness! It's in the works. :) Here's the photo of Billy getting his in the mail. He was SO excited. haha! http://on.fb.me/1iQaBcg

  2. Carrie11:37 AM

    Thanks for hosting and inviting us to be a part of this!

  3. Thanks for joining in! I loved all the stories! :)

  4. You need a post about the panini World Cup sticker book! My husband is going crazy for that right now.


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