How Soccer Made My Mother’s Day {#WorldCupWives}

Image credit: Ana Fuji
Today's World Cup Wives post is written by Katie!

Saturday morning after my daughter’s soccer game, I overhear my husband and another dad/coach talking.  It goes something like this:

“So are you watching the games tomorrow.” (It was the end of the season for the English Premier League and they play all 10 games at the same time on a Sunday morning).

“Um...not sure, it’s Mother’s Day.”

“Yea, I know...I can’t remember this ever happening before - with the games on Mother’s Day.”

“Do you think they celebrate Mother’s Day in England?”

“Not sure...and not sure how I’m going to watch the games.”

At this point, I decide to join in the conversation.

“You know, if you take the kids with you to watch the games, I could have the entire morning to myself.  That’s the best Mother’s Day morning I could wish for.”

Joy spread across their faces.

And that, my fellow World Cup Wives, is how I got a wonderful Mother’s Day morning - alone wandering the aisle at Barnes and Noble, sipping my iced coffee, followed by mani and pedi.

Sometimes this soccer obsession can really work in our favor.

(My husband came home and said that the bar was full of kids this morning without a mom to be found.  Sounds like some other World Cup Wives thought like me!)

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?


  1. Mary B7:26 AM

    I just loled at the thought of a bar full of kids! My Sammy would have been thrilled to have a bunch of new buddies to play with! Sounds like it was a win-win-win situation.

  2. "You've got a baby... in a BAR..." Name that movie! ;)

  3. Mary B7:38 AM

    Too easy! Sweet Home Alabama.

  4. Haha. So true! You are the master at that game... ;)

  5. Christine Nolf1:00 PM

    i'm not a mom but I watched Liverpool with my husband and mother-in-law (after taking her to lunch on a boat). I think she was glad to hang out with us. I'm saving these #worldcupwives tips for motherhood for sure!

  6. Rebecca M3:18 PM

    We spent the afternoon taking the family to a Houston Dynamo game...complete with a "soccer mom" t-shirt giveaway.

  7. Katie Delp9:53 PM

    If a free t-shirt is involved, I'm much more likely to participate!


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