Good 'Ole Game of Grocery Charades

This conversation is an exact reenactment of what goes on in our house. Imagine me, sitting on the bed, talking to Billy as he prepares for a post-kids'-bedtime run to the grocery store.

Me: “Can I add something else to the list?”

Billy: “Yes, one more thing, but that’s it. I’m not trying to be there all night.”

Me: “I just need some biscuits.”

Billy: “Which kind?”

Me: “Not in the deli. The kind you twist.” I start demonstrating with my hands, pantomiming like I’m wringing out an old washcloth.

Billy: [blank stare]

Me: “You know… you pop it with a spoon!” I press my imaginary silverware in between my stationary hand and the empty place where my now spoon-wielding hand used to be.

Billy: “Why am I popping these biscuits with a spoon?”

Me: Out of words, I just continue hand twisting and spoon popping like an animated gif sitting on the bed.

Billy: “Oh, these?” He proceeds to poke himself in the stomach, hunch himself around the self-inflicted poke and giggle.

Sarah: “Yes! Those.” I laugh. “Did you just pretend to be the Pillsbury dough boy?”

And this, my friends, is an example of how our cross-cultural grocery shopping goes down. 

Of course, any time I add limes or lemons to the list, I always include “yellow” or “green” next to it!

What item do you have to explain to your spouse?


  1. Carrie8:27 AM

    Haha! That happens even here in Guatemala when I send Mardo to the grocery store. :)

  2. I had a feeling we are not the only ones doing this dance! ;)

  3. Denise L Hershberger7:13 PM

    hahaha I love that you put what color of limon you want next to it!!!

  4. ha! It's an absolute necessity! ;)


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