We Pray for Reform

For the families left behind that desperately miss a loved one. For the mamas who worry when the woman you brought into this world hasn’t been heard from in too long. For the wives waiting for money from the States but missing the partner who should be at the table. For the babies who’ve not met their papis. For the teenagers who respect the sacrifice, but barely remember their mama’s touch. We pray for reform.

For the communities missing their workers, watching the leaders leave for better opportunities. For the hometowns that cannot support their sons and daughters. For the neighborhoods missing the presence of their people. We pray for reform.

For the mothers who leave their children behind to take the best care of their children that they can. For the young men who steel themselves to quiet their nerves. For the sojourners who suffer dehydration, injury and pain. For those who are victimized. We pray for reform.

For the coyotes that guide the vulnerable to safety. For the coyotes that exploit and betray. We pray for reform.

For those who’ve lost a loved one in the wake of a broken immigration system. For those in need of peace and comfort and provision. We pray for reform.

For the pastors who listen to stories of heart-break and horror, who simmer in frustration at the pain into which they’ve entered. For the neighbors who seek resources, offer hospitality and share in friendship. For the service professionals that look the other way, practice radical generosity, traffic in hope. We pray for reform.

For the employers that make a space, offer opportunities and believe in their people. For the bosses that swim in the power and feel secure in the fear that they can create. For the employers that don’t know what to do, but know they need the help. We pray for reform.

For those who are lonely so far from home. For those with great potential feeling stifled. For those making poor choices in their new country. For those risking their lives in dangerous occupations. For those suffering indignity. We pray for reform.

For the students completing degrees they aren’t yet allowed to use. For the citizens fearing a spouse will be deported. For the children worried about a parent or a grandparent. We pray for reform.

For the legislators truly seeking the lines between hospitality, economics and order. For the politicians holding families hostage to try to win political games. For the advocates on Capitol Hill. We pray for reform.

For a country denying the foreigners and withholding welcome. For a society missing opportunities to experience the gifts of those who have come. For communities and churches and neighbors welcoming the strangers. We pray for reform.  

Because we are all tied together in the single garment of destiny. Because the Bible tells us to love our neighbors. Because we are all made in the image of God. We pray for reform.

Image credit: Bart 

This prayer was written as part of the Day of Prayer for Immigrant Families hosted by the Evangelical Immigration Table on April 3, 2014.

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  1. Adam Estle11:30 PM

    Thank you so much, Sarah. God bless you in the journey.

    Lord, through our tears, hear our prayer.

  2. Yes. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Matthew Blanton2:45 PM

    Amen- Just shared this with 15 pastors who are flying to DC tomorrow from South Carolina to meet with their representatives on immigration reform! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Good luck meeting representatives and God speed!


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