Going for the Goal! {#WorldCupWives}

It seems Billy has interpreted my World Cup Wives project as the dawn of an actual interest in the World Cup. He keeps trying to talk to me about the upcoming games, and he recently suggested we watch “The Road to Brazil” on… get this… a special soccer channel that has recently appeared on our television.

He just kept saying, “Look, there’s Maradona. Look at him go!” as this man from the 80s dribbled (that’s the right word, right? I’m a basketball girl!) up the field.

To which I responded, “Wow… look at his shorts!” That’s a trend I certainly hope never returns.

But I do love me some hype, which is one of the reasons I introduced Billy to this World Cup game from Coca-Cola® on the Dollar General website.

Basically, you get to take a turn playing the striker (which is not, as I originally thought, like a bully who leg sweeps people, but what I would just call “the kicker”) and the goalie. I am terrible at this game.

Of course, it’s hard to concentrate when someone is squatting beside you, hovering and waiting for his turn. When I abdicated the keyboard, I couldn’t figure out why he was looking at me until I was like, “Oh yeah, here’s my chair, too.”

But the game is simple. You try to slide the ball to kick it past the goalie before you take a turn moving yourself as the goalie back and forth to block your opponent’s goal attempts.

So the hubs had some fun trying to advance his beloved Argentina through the “Going for the Goal!” game. Naturally, I liked that it includes digital applause when you score.

I have a feeling our own “Road to Brazil” will involve more of the Coca-Cola® game and, of course, Coke itself. Well, maybe not for the kiddos... We’ll have to let them try the new Tropical Mango POWERADE®.

Give the game a try and let me know if you’re able to score! Of course, what I really want to know is which team you choose? Any other Argentina fans out there?

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