A Fútbol Love Story {#WorldCupWives}

Image Credit: Rama VCC
There once was a boy.

And he held a remote.

And that's how soccer (or fútbol, for the purists among us) entered our lives.

Katie and I are excited about those of you who've already signed up for our summer fun with World Cup Wives. The first newsletter has gone out, so if you're in for the good times, make sure you join us!

We wanted to introduce ourselves in this first video post and share the debut of soccer into our lives. Enjoy!

(Note: If you're reading this via email or RSS, you may need to click here to watch the video.)

What's your fútbol love story? We'd love to hear how soccer was introduced to your marriage or some of your stand-out moments.

Share in the comments or, if you're a blogger, share a link to your own #WorldCupWives video or post!

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  1. Ok, here's my post (not a video, didn't have time!): http://wp.me/p2KosE-gh


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