5 Apps for a Busy You

Somehow, April became the month of the app. I started a new job, and maybe it was that sharpened pencil, start-of-the-new-year feeling that had me seeking new levels of efficiency.

Well, that and the reality that we were returning the lifestyle of two working parents that often feels like it’s about to crush us. So I thought for this month’s “What I’m Into” link-up, I’d share some of my favorite new (or a few tried and true) apps.

Google Drive

If there is one text message from my husband that makes me want to respond “Lose this number!” it’s this: “Hey, I’m at the grocery store. Do we need anything?”’

We now share a shopping list on Google Drive. So far… awesome. We both update it when we run out of something so that whoever is at the store knows what we need. We delete items we’ve purchased so we don’t double buy. (We have enough WetSwiffers to last a lifetime thanks to a Costco miscommunication.)

Google Calendar

I mentioned this one in the past when I finally said a painful good-bye to my paper calendar. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s been a game changer.

I have three calendars. One for work commitments. One Billy and I share anything that affects us both. For example, he may not really care that I have Book Club, but it’s on our shared calendar since he’ll need to stay with the sleeping kiddos and not make overlapping plans. And then I have one just for me.


Okay, so this is an app that is designed to help you workout. It gives 30 second activities (jumping jacks, run in place, calf raises, etc) and keeps you moving. Great gym alternative.

Even better use? Ella LOVES it. She will do all the exercises with me. Then, she keeps going on her own. It beeps when you’re supposed to change drills or stretches and she looks at the diagram and responds accordingly. Is she always right? No. Does this keep her occupied for swaths of time? Yes!


I’ve tried this one night, so I will concede I cannot offer a longitudinal review. Basically, it’s an app that watches you while you sleep. Ha! Okay, not really, but sort of.

You lay it next to you in bed and it tracks your movements and sounds. (Note: It means your phone is on all night so you’ll want to plug it in and check your data plan. Learned that the hard way….)

You set your alarm and the phone basically agrees to wake you up within a half an hour before that time. It targets when you’re in a light sleep pattern so you wake up more easily and more refreshed. This was true for me 1 out of 1 times. Try it!


This app is my new heartthrob. It’s the to-do list I’ve been searching for. I think… I mean, I hope. I’m still playing around with it.

My main thing is I have wanted a to-do app that will let me set up repeated to-dos every week or month or what have you. I simply do not have the head space to remind myself to do the same things on a repeat basis.

So I’m eagerly combining my scrap pieces of paper and mental routine to-dos to create the most amazing Wunderlist system ever seen. We’ll see how it goes!

Last on my list this month is not an app at all. It’s my new laptop bag

Now, normally I have like a $20 spending limit for any one item. As I’m getting older, though, this self-imposed bar is becoming more of a challenge. For one, I have recently discovered that paying a bit more for a pair of shoes means I may find they are quite a bit more comfortable. 

Still, I kinda feel like I didn’t do my due diligence if I pay more than twenty for anything. So springing for this bag was a huge splurge for me. 

But I was in need of one and I started thinking I was tired of carrying a laptop and a purse, so why not combine? Therefore I purchased the mother of all mom bags. And I love it!

It has compartments, so I’m actually able to find some things more quickly than I was in my catch-all purse. Billy’s reaction was, “It’s nice. Kinda big.” Ella’s commentary was, “Mom, that is a big purse!” So yes, it may go from armpit to mid-thigh, but I’m digging it!

So that’s my list this April. What are your favorite apps? Have you tried any of these?


  1. Very cool! I don't have any of these apps - so I'll have to look into them :) Have a wonderful May!

  2. Great list! I downloaded sworkit to try as I'm definitely in the need of an exercise motivator and I'm typically motivated by "new and shiny". That bag is gorgeous!

  3. You might try "Tasks free" for your grocery list. If you both use the same logon you would get the same list. Easy to check items you purchased and leave them around to uncheck when you need them again.

  4. Looking forward to hearing more on how you like Wunderlist - I've had my eye on it but haven't been brave enough to leave my paper lists behind… and that bag is lovely and worth every penny.

  5. What a great way to use Google Drive! I approve. Glad you found a good laptop bag.

  6. Thanks, Leigh! Such a fun month to link-up!

  7. Yes, Amy! I have just started transferring a few things. I'm a deep lover of paper lists, too, so we'll see how it goes!

  8. Thanks, Dad! We definitely buy a lot of the same stuff, so recurring lists is a good idea!

  9. Thanks, Jennifer. I hope you enjoy Sworkit!

  10. We
    use Google Calendar and my husband loves Wunderlist (I'm still obsessed
    with my paper and pencil lists). What a GREAT idea with Google Drive!

  11. Hi Sarah! I just started really transferring things over this weekend. (Naturally, I had to make a large paper list to list everything I wanted to add to it....) :)


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