The Euphoria Begins {#WorldCupWives}

Soccer mania is in full swing at our house. And the eye-rolling has begun… for both me and Billy. Let me explain.

Yesterday was “El Clasico,” the big game between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Two powerhouse league teams from Spain, each home to a superstar player shouldering big expectations for the 2014 World Cup.

At our house, this was happening:

Sarah’s eye-roll tally: 1.

But hey, I’m all about hype. So I can get into the World Cup.

In fact, I was doing a little reading about the upcoming games and the players. Remember those two “superstars.” Lionel Messi plays for the Argentina national team and Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal.

When I came across this player comparison, I held it up for Billy to see. “I mean, c’mon,” I told him. “You’re a guy, but even you can tell that Ronaldo is cuter.”

Billy’s eye-roll tally: 1.

Suffice it to say, I think we are going to have a fun time watching the World Cup this year.

In fact, it seems like we’ve already started. The bracket is posted on the fridge. And Billy literally said to me the other day, “The euphoria begins in May.” And I happen to know the first game is not until June 12. That’s some euphoria with stamina…

So I’m excited to announce a little project my friend Katie and I have been concocting. She and I will be hosting World Cup Wives this summer (and depending on the euphoria… maybe a little bit this spring).

We’ll be bringing you video commentary of the World Cup, discussing the games and players the way we’ve always wanted to and the way our husbands simply won’t allow: What’s his relationship like with his mom? Why on earth did they choose that font for the uniforms? Did you know he was on his high school gymnastics team before he discovered soccer? (I’m looking at you, Landon Donovan!)

We know we’re not alone, and we're hoping to get a lot of ladies on board. We will need help keeping track of the eye-roll tally! Here’s how you can keep up with the fun:

First, follow Katie and me on Twitter (@katharinedelp and @SarahQuezada). We’ll be hash tagging it up with #WorldCupWives. And I also expect to make liberal use of #eyeroll. Join us in tweeting your soccer exploits!

Second, share the World Cup Wives with your soccer-spouse-loving friends, won’t you? The more the merrier!  

Finally, I also encourage you to join us. Click the button below. I’m getting excited just thinking about it…

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