March Fun

March was such a good time with its hints of spring. It gave me hope winter will soon end. It was a month of dreaming and scheming and lots of fun.

I’ll start with movies.

Okay, Divergent. I binge read the dystopia trilogy in like one week. You may remember it was near MLK Day. And I’d been eagerly anticipating the movie release.

Now, I’m a pretty easy sell, but I was not disappointed. There was only one change from the book I found really puzzling, but overall it was everything I’d hoped and dreamed. You should definitely join the divergent!

On the documentary front, we stumbled up this trailer for The Second Cooler.


Has anyone seen this film? I want to, but it’s currently not showing in Atlanta. So I’m working on organizing a local viewing. ATL folks, let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll keep you posted!

We also watched a couple Spanglish-y movies. GOAL, which was okay-ish. (How’s that for a rave review?) And Pulling Strings, which I did enjoy and wrote about here.

GOAL was only a fraction of our soccer-related consumption this month. Billy was beyond hyped about “El Classico” between Barcelona and Real Madrid. It also served as a great practice game for my friend Katie and me as we prepare to launch World Cup Wives for this summer’s tournament.

Lest you think I was a total couch potato in March, let’s acknowledge that I got into a bit more steady exercise routine. People aren’t lying when they say it makes you feel better. I concur.

I stopped blogging about being the only white girl in my aerobics class and continued going. I’m starting to get that crazy V-step!

Also, y’all, I joined a women’s basketball league. It has pretty much changed my life already. If you don’t know, I have about a decade of professional basketball experience from the ages of 8-18. Also… I have not been 18 for quite some time.

Two quotes will explain why this was the perfect league for me:

“Don’t worry. All the serious players have left and gone to other leagues.”

And when one of our teammates was enthusiastically encouraing us to get back on the fast breaks because they are not getting down the court, someone responded, “Um… we aren’t either… because we’re old.” Ha! I was right at home.

With springy-er weather, we made a couple visits to the zoo, where Ella’s only request was to see the frogs. (Really? At the zoo??) When we asked why, all she could offer was, “Because they’re so sweet.” Oh my.

I’ll give her that, though, because at least she wasn’t all about these bad boys:


(Also, I figured out how to use my Instagram app this March. You can see more amazing photographic experiences like this one here.)

Finally, several of you emailed me this month, telling me your stories. I absolutely love hearing from you who read the blog. It’s so encouraging to know our exploits in family and life have connected with you, and I get so much joy hearing about your relationships, your travels and where this multicultural life has taken you. So super fun!


  1. Hiya, Sarah! I'm visiting from Leigh's What I'm Into link-up. :) I binge read the first Divergent book a couple of years ago, but I still need to read the other books. I haven't seen the movie yet - but I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it. :)

    The V-step is hard for you, too?! I'm glad that I'm not the only one. :) I can count and I can move my feet, but not at the same time!

    I'm going to check out your favorite articles from the month - they look like good ones! Have a great month!

  2. Mary B10:38 AM

    Tell Miss Ella, her aunt Mary's favorite at the zoo was always the smelly hippos!!! Who knows why!?

  3. Yay for binge-reading Divergent! I haven't seen the movie yet but I've only heard good things so far. Kudos to you for joining a basketball league! That is so not my area of giftedness.

  4. I so with it was "springery" weather here in Chicago. Alas, it is not. But I have hope it will eventually arrive. I loved Jen Htmaker's Run Your Race post as well. So encouraging. So true! I'm looking forward to seeing Divergent. Did you enjoy it as much as Hunger Games? I loved Hunger Games!

  5. Hi Ginger! Thanks for stopping by. Definitely check out the movie. If you enjoyed the book, I think you'll like it! :)

  6. Ha! The heart wants what the heart wants...

  7. Thanks for visiting, Leigh, and for hosting the monthly link-up! Not certain basketball is my area of giftedness either, but we had a great time! :)

  8. Love me some Jen Hatmaker! ;)

    As far as Hunger Games... I loved it. I will say that I think I liked HG better, but I really liked them both. I hope you will, too!

  9. Wow--I love that trailer! You know it's going to be good if the trailer brings some tears...So bummed that I missed the showings in PA last fall. I'm really intrigued that it talks about NAFTA. I feel like there is so much discussion about immigration but not a lot of people talking about the US foreign policies in Latin America that have contributed to the push factors in those countries. I was in Central America when CAFTA was being negotiated and remember seeing a lot of the debate on that side of things. Anyway, thanks for sharing that trailer! Definitely bookmarking it.

    Have you seen The Other Side of Immigration or Reparando? Reparando deals less with immigration, but it does touch on it a little.

    Also, I loved both of those Jen Hatmaker posts. From hilarious to insightful. So good.

  10. Oh wow. That trailer did look really interesting. I'd love to see the docu.

  11. I know, right? I can't wait!

  12. Hi Naomi! I completely agree about NAFTA. There's some legitimate push factors outside the generic "searching for a better life" than need to be addressed. I have seen The Other Side of Immigration, and I found it profoundly moving. (If you're interested, I wrote a little about it here: http://www.alifewithsubtitles.com/2013/01/i-am-wife-of-immigrant.html.) But I'll need to look into the other one you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. You're welcome! Reparando is set in Guatemala, so I'd be interested to hear your and Billy's thoughts if you do get a chance to watch it.

  14. Oooh, now I'm even more intrigued! Thanks!

  15. Any idea how to get ahold of it? It's not on Netflix. I googled it, but I'm not getting a clear answer...

  16. Got it! Amazon Instant. Planning to watch it this weekend. Thank you for the suggestion!


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