Waiting for the World Cup

We've started talking about the World Cup. Basically, I've been driving Billy crazy.

First of all, I thought the tournament was two weeks long every three years. To which he replied, "You would've missed the entire thing!"

And then I made a comment about how Leo Messi is maybe not as hot as you would expect for a soccer player. Billy just kept shouting, "He's the best soccer player in the world!!!!" I'm still a little unclear what influence that response has on my original statement...

But anyway, we're plotting some fun parties and shenanigans, and I am cooking up some fun ideas for here on the blog. The World Cup is definitely something I paid little to no attention to until my life became more international.

To be clear, I still pay little to no attention to the actual game, but I'm in the room, I own a jersey and I know names like Leo Messi. We've got a fun summer ahead, folks!

Thinking about the World Cup has brought to mind a video my friend Andres shared in his 100% post. I wanted to embed it here because I appreciate this message so much. I hope it resonates with you, too. Enjoy!

Do you have any World Cup traditions? Would love to hear them or what you thought of the video as well!

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