When Your Car Rolls Away with Your Baby

There’s a reason this Southern girl calls it quits at the first sight of flurry. And today that lifestyle choice was confirmed when I experienced a mother’s worst nightmare.

Ella and I pulled into the driveway, home from preschool, to an Atlanta winter wonderland. I was trying to figure out if I could give our babysitter a ride home, knowing Isaac was probably already napping.

“Let me check on something. I’ll be right back,” I told Ella. I bounded into the house to check with the babysitter.

Standing at the door, she and I were discussing options when I had that horrible brain realization that my car was rolling down the driveway!

I ran up next to the car. It was the most bizarre mental experiences. I heard myself think, “Awh, I’m too late. I can’t catch it.” Followed quickly by, “I absolutely HAVE to do something! My baby is in that car and I’m the only one here!”

Thank God I was able to yank open the door, jump inside and slam on the brake. All while the car was crashing through our fence.

Naturally, Ella thought the whole experience was a delight. “Mama, the car was driving itself!” I was hyperventilating in the front seat.

This, folks. This is why I stay inside when it’s snowing. Whew!

Winter weather is waaaay outside my swing zone! I think I'll be spending the night cuddled up with TV and hot chocolate.

How are you faring in this snowpocalypse? 

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  1. becca16129:50 PM

    Oh my gosh, I'm so glad she's ok!

  2. Me, too. I'm glad it's a story to laugh about, that's for sure.

  3. Mary B8:17 AM

    whoa baby!


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