The Top 3: December

It was the month that was. And then it was no more. I’ll tell you. I can hardly remember what I did in December.

However, there is one stand-out December obsession that I cannot not mention.

#1 Pentatonix

Yes, I realize they were not contestants on this year’s the sing-off. But they were last year’s winners, and somehow, I only really recently discovered them.

And promptly became obsessed.

I tried to buy tickets to see them live, but apparently, so did everyone else. Please hit me up if you discover more tickets are being sold to any of the sold out shows in the southeast!

So my two most favoritist Pentatonix songs can be found here and here.

#2 Etsy

Secondly, I reignited my love affair with Etsy for the Christmas season. I just can’t get over how many talented, creative people there are in the world!

Submitting to my fancy of all things typography, I found this little gem. And I can’t mention Etsy without a shout out to my sister’s store

# 3 30 Rock

My third December superlative goes to 30 Rock, which I began binge consuming between Christmas and New Year's. Again, I completely recognize that this show is not new. (I like to wait until a trend is no longer hot before getting involved.)

But seriously, I’d seen sporadic episodes in the past, and even though I have a celebrity crush on Tina Fey, I never really locked in on 30 Rock. But watching them back-to-back changes everything.

She is just so smart and funny. I love me some sharp wit. It’s making me think I should try Parks & Rec in mass quantities because I dig Amy Poehler, but never really got hooked on her show either. 

I’ll wrap up this December highlight reel with some favorite reads I tweeted this month:




Awesome, Unexpected Videos

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s! Let me know a few of your favorite things from December? (You know… maybe it was the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music special?)

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  1. I watched the pilot of 30 Rock when it first aired and was not feeling it at all. But friends told me I'd given up too soon, that the characters really come together by the end of the first season so I started watching with them the 2nd season and I'm glad I did so. It was never must-watch TV for me but I howled with laughter whenever I did sit down to watch. Tina Fey is brilliant. And definitely try Parks & Rec. I love it more than 30 Rock. If Ron Swanson doesn't make you laugh, then I don't know what will.

  2. Brilliant is the perfect word, Leigh! And you are not the first person to sing the praises of Ron Swanson to me. I'm looking forward to my January TV consumption already! :)

  3. becca16129:02 PM

    I love your links :-)


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