8 Unexpected Los Angeles Celebrity Sightings

Snow Jam 2014 has provided me with some much needed distraction from the grey days of winter. In fact, after Ella rode the car through our fence, Billy’s was response to me was “See, we need drama like that from time to time.” Could he be any more perfect for me?

Nevertheless, 24 hours is my limit with snow and the fact that our snowman isn’t completely melted yet has me missing sunny LA a bit.

Reminiscing about the City of Angels and her resident celebrities reminded me about the star sightings I experienced while living there. My list includes some very interesting folks. 

Marilyn Manson – Yes. The very first celebrity I ever saw living in LA was Marilyn Manson at a bar/restaurant in Hollywood. What on earth?

Mister T – Also strange? Running into Mister T at a Jewish Deli in MacArthur Park. It was truly a multicultural mashup.

Sharon Osbourne – At The Container Store. Even the Osbourne household needs under bed storage!

Katherine Heigl – So far, she seems the most traditional of my celebrity sitings. However, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I recognized her voice behind me in the human race track that is IKEA. (Apparently, me and a lot of celebrities were “nesting” during that season.)

Sean Gunn – Oh, how I love me some Gilmore Girls. I noticed Kirk sitting by the door of  Japanese restaurant as I was exiting.

Terry Crews – I recognized him from Everybody Hates Chris. We actually attended the same church for a brief period.

Judy Greer – I didn’t know her name until just now looking it up. Whenever I recount this sighting, I just kept referring to her as “everybody’s best friend.” And then occasionally saying, “You know… pot! kettle! black!” (Bonus points if you know what movie that mangled quote is from…)

Kyle Bornheimer – We spotted him at the Apple Store at The Grove. At the time, Billy and I were obsessed with his show, Worst Week. Apparently, we were the only ones because the show didn’t last long, but I felt like we should show support. So we stalked him down with his family and gushed about how much we loved it. He was kind, so that’s cool.

That’s all I can remember on this chilly night in Atlanta. Word on the street (and naturally, I’m very tuned into what’s happening on “the streets”) is that more and more celebrities are here. 

So far I’ve only seen Dr.Tancredi, but given my passionate marathons with Prison Break, that was equal to seeing about three stars in my book. Maybe I can bump into Jennifer Lawrence as they film Hunger Games 3!

I want to know your celebrity sightings! Do name drop in the comments, won't you?

Image credit: Mentat Kibernes

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