When You Don't Know How Long You'll Be Waiting

This Advent I've been thinking a great deal on immigration reform. It's the first thing that comes to my mind when I'm reflecting on "waiting." (Well, that and trying to prepare breakfast for a hungry two-year old.)

I'm honored to be sharing some Advent thoughts today over on the G92 blog, one of my favorite resources for an evangelical perspective on immigration. Here's a sneak peek:

In 2007, I paced in my apartment, phone pressed to my ear as my undocumented fiance mourned the immigration reform bill dying on the Senate floor. Momentum had been building all summer, and against his better judgment, Billy's hopes had risen.

He was working on a construction crew in Los Angeles, so as he called me from work, he wasn't experiencing this crushing disappointment alone. "All the guys are sad," he told me. "Nobody wants to work."

If you're visiting this site from G92, welcome! Here's a couple other posts you may enjoy:

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