The Gift of Dignity: Guest Post on SheLoves

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If you've never browsed around SheLoves Magazine, I highly recommend it. They have a wide variety of global contributors, so there's always an eye-opening perspective to read. And they cover so many wonderful topics of faith and social justice and community. Love it!

I'm super excited to be joining these ladies today, writing about Christmas and gift giving practices to the poor. It's a topic that important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to share. Let's get this party started:

I sat on their bed, the one shared by other and her pre-teen son.

It was the primary seating in the one-room apartment.

Together we had spent the morning standing in line in the biting cold, waiting outside a local ministry organization.

It was Christmas toy pick-up day. Mothers lined the sidewalk, gripping paperwork, eager to pick up gifts a stranger had purchased for their child that year.

We had hauled our bag through the streets and back alleys and were now gathered on the bed. The boy sifted through his gifts and within seconds disappointment, frustration and embarrassment swelled together as he tossed the aside.

These presents were for a girl. 

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