November Favorites

November was a fun month, storming the Guatemalan embassy and the start of the holidays. Lots of good stuff going on!

‘Tis crockpot season! (Note: my spell check wanted me to change that to "crackpot." To clarify, it is NOT crackpot season...)

So here’s my obsession: crockpot liners. Necessary? Nope. Game changing? Yes.

Our life runs at a pace that crockpot dinners can be life-savers. But then there’s the awkward kitchen dance of cleaning up everything but the crockpot, hopefully waiting for the elves to tackle the slow baked crusted sides.

No more! One week I was able to do multiple crock pot dinners and a potluck. Thank you, liners. I don’t know how they work. They seem like they should melt. But they don’t. Best. Idea. Ever.

So I didn’t have time to clean cookware, but I may have spent uncounted hours on a website called PicMonkey. I don’t know how to use any design software, so I can’t compare it. But it’s the perfect program for those of us who don’t know how to use design software.

I reveled in child-like delight, creating masterpieces like the one below. I now plan to decorate my daughter’s bedroom with bizarre, Spanglish sayings so that one day she can be like, “Mom, what were you thinking?”

Of course, I cannot talk about November without a nod to the Hunger Games. We’d been planning our premier night outing since approximately spring of 2012 when we saw the first one.

That plan was cemented when I devoured Book Two in approximately two days later that summer and started sending wild, bleary-eyed text messages like “I need Book 3 like Haymitch needs some white liquor!”

It’s been many moons since Billy and I attended a 10:30 pm movie. Let’s just say we were thrilled when Isaac didn’t wake up to eat during our few hours of early morning sleep!

Lastly, I thought I’d share a few links I tweeted during November. It’s one of my favorite practices that I’ve seen in these monthly link-ups and I always find some insightful or amusing online reading that other bloggers have shared. Here’s my contribution for November:

This Is My Brain on Hugs - Jamie the Very Worst Missionary 

Crossing Border in the Church: On Embracing Undocumented Immigrants - Matthew Soerens on Christena Cleveland's blog

31 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Parent - Buzzfeed
33 Reasons Moms Are Late - Jenny from the Blog on Scary Mommy

Letter to a Woman Called to Leadership - Esther Emery
The Princess Machine - GoldieBlox video ad that Ella can't get enough of!

I already said "lastly," but now for real, I'm going to close with a shameless, unnecessary photo. If you missed it on Facebook (by the way, do you know that now have "a page"? - you can like it here), Isaac got his first haircut this November. I think you'll agree it was totally needed.

What were you into this November?

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  1. Eeeek wasn't Catching Fire fantastic?? I thought it was leaps and bounds better than the first movie and was so happy they did my favorite book justice!

    Also yay for the links! I love when other round-ups include them :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! Of course, when I saw the first one, I hadn't read the books, so it left me intrigued enough to read. But the second book was my favorite and the movie was simply spectacular. After I wrote this post, I went and saw it again!

  3. I didn't even know crockpot liners existed! I don't use mine that often but this sounds like a wonderful time saver. Love PicMonkey! Glad you've experienced its magic.

  4. I. Didn't. Either. Thank goodness for word-of-mouth! It's saved me this holiday season... :) Love the link-ups, Leigh!


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