5 Signs You May Have Underestimated Christmas

Yep. All these photos came directly from my house. Merry Christmas!

SIGN #1: The walk of shame into preschool on the last day before break, thinking “I hope all the other mothers decided to phone this one in as well.”

SIGN #2: On December 21, your advent calendar looks like this. Let’s just assume I did participate in the first 12 days and didn’t just remember to pull them out each day.

SIGN #3: Here lie your Christmas lights four days before Christmas. Better luck next year!

SIGN #4: You finally decide to just turn off the Christmas tree. Because as more and more lights gave out… it was the humane thing to do.

SIGN #5: While pondering if you’ll have time to wrap gifts before traveling, you think the following: “I wonder if my mom has paper I can use. If not, I’ll just cover the kid’s gift with a blanket and ‘unveil it’…”

Good thing all these things aren't what the season is about, right? I'm certainly counting on it! Have a very merry Christmas, friends!

How are your best-laid plans going this holiday season?

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Image credit: Hades2k


  1. hahaha awww your little one look so sad by the tree!! there's so much grace for parents because the kiddos won't remember any of your holiday underestimations :)

  2. becca161210:15 PM

    This is why we should be best friends.

  3. I know. She kept jumping into these photos of an underwhelming Christmas. Good thing is if I keep expectations low, makes next year easy! :)


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