Thanksgiving: The New Christmas?

Yes, Christmas has snuck up even earlier this year, basically steamrolling Thanksgiving. Yes, this season is ridiculously commercialized. But I’m not talking about that.

This week Billy told me Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. This amused me since it’s not widely celebrated in Latin America, and I find it unusual that a holiday can come off the bench and be number one.

“It reminds me more of Guatemalan Christmas,” he said. “You have a big meal, you spend the day with family. People don’t seem to do that as much here for Christmas, so I prefer Thanksgiving.” Sweet.

Approximately two hours later, I vox’d him and suggested Ella and I go out of town and leave him and Isaac behind. Even as I was saying it, I had an inkling this wasn’t my best idea ever.

His response? Nope. If I wanted to go, we’d all go. Of course, Isaac would scream the whole road trip and be up way past bedtime. But we’d all be miserable together.

What a beautiful Thanksgiving sentiment.

I hope you have a beautiful day with good food and non-miserable moments together! Where are you spending the day? At home or traveling?

Photo credit: Tom Gill

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  1. becca161212:21 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving friend! :-)


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