October: What I'm Into

October in Atlanta is simply divine. So when it comes to what I’ve been into this month… fall tops the list. In fact, the last several years we have been traveling nearly the entire month, so this year it was so wonderful to be in town.


To celebrate fall, I convinced my family to head to a pumpkin patch (more on the cultural-ness of this later). It was so fun watching Ella feed goats and experience a hay ride. She also happily hopped up on a pony, which was a pleasant surprise. Turns out she’s a better Kentucky girl than me.

I completely failed at jogging in October. It just didn’t happen. To avoid being a complete lazy bones, though, we did have a couple family biking trips, which were incredible. 

And even when things did begin to unravel, there’s something quite funny about peddling a bike trailer with two wailing kids inside while passers-by look on curiously.

TV & Books

TV-wise, I started watching shows on my phone while at work. This proved to be a dangerous habit, but oh-so-fun. 

I watched a lot of Hart of Dixie this month. I can’t really recommend it because it’s kinda ridiculous. Still, as one friend texted me, “Why is a show about the Deep South and a completely not believable doctor character so good?!”

I also enjoyed the season premier of Scandal, which was ushered in by a good ‘ole premier party. A gaggle of girls piled into a living room to gasp together as we begin another shocking season. Thank you, Shonda. Again, this friend told me her husband saw the party on the calendar and said something to the effect of, “What is this? Do we have a scandal scheduled for next week?” Love it!

I did read some books this month. When We Were on Fire was released by Addie Zierman, a blogger I have enjoyed. I participated in her synchroblog, writing on my evangelical rebellions. She is a fantastic writer, which I really appreciated. And her story, while different than I expected, is important. The book is a vulnerable and thought-provoking memoir. 

Our monthly book club tackled Lean In, which I had actually read this summer, but I was reminded again how much I appreciated this encouragement from the female CEO of Facebook. You don’t always know what you’re going to get when it comes to books about women pursuing leadership, but this one just connected with me in deep ways.

Her tone is gracious and truly encouraging, and messages from the book have been stirring in my heart 
and mind since closing it. Our book club conversation included a beautiful array of diverse female experiences and was uplifting and hilarious as we shared together.


In other “womanly” news, I got bangs in October. I have this amazing hair stylist who comes to my house and we invite all our friends over to eat baked goods, peruse Pinterest for styles and cheer each other on when we do things like get bangs.


October was an unexpectedly political month for me. It all began with a neighborhood candidate forum, where I became convinced of the importance of local politics. These folks were actually talking about things that affect me and my family!

Billy was so excited to participate in his first election. Unfortunately, we discovered we had not registered and there’s a cut off before voting day that we’ve already passed. So Ella and I went yesterday. As I explained to her the importance of voting, she responded, “I want to choose my leaders!”

I also got unexpectedly and heavily involved in the immigration reform movement this month. It was an incredible experience. First, Billy and I worked to involve our church in the Evangelical Immigration Table’s Pray4Reform gatherings

Then, I ended up traveling to DC to meet with Republican Representatives. More on this coming soon. All in all, though, it was a joy to be involved, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Keep praying!

Rock Stars

Finally, October ended with Halloween. Such a fun day that boasts so many of my favorite things: glitter, candy, costumes and neighbors. Again this year, we helped with our neighborhood festivities. And even though I had grand plans of a family of four costume, that did not happen.

Instead, Ella joyfully played the part of a rock star, making her rock star Papa so proud. We gave Isaac a rocker look as well, but no one even noticed because his hair always looks like that!

November is starting off with a bang as we head to Guatemala to visit family. I'm expecting a beautiful time of food, laughs and discount DVDs. 

What were some of your favorite things about October? 

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  1. becca16129:13 AM

    I love her rock star costume :-) so fun!

  2. Thanks, Becca. Your family was incredible!

  3. Love the bangs! And can't wait to hear about your political prowess! :)

  4. I gave up on Hart of Dixie a while ago but every so often, I tune in to see how Wade is doing. The heart wants what the heart wants. Love that your book club discussed Lean In! What a great pick. So cool to hear about the ways you're getting involved with immigration reform. I can't believe you went to DC and spoke!

  5. Hahaha. Oh, Wade... What is it about those wild ones? :) Thanks for stopping by, Leigh. I'm working on a follow-up to the DC visit. It was unexpected and wonderful all at once.


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