Listening Between the Lines

Becca is a beautiful friend who lives practically down the street from us and tells thoughtful, inspiring stories on her blog The Stanley Clan. (She is also an AMAZING photographer!) Becca invited me to guest post today, and I was excited to do so. You should definitely check out her blog or connect with her on Twitter

Listening has never been as simple as the words.

One of my favorite things about college and singlehood was analyzing boy-communications with my girlfriends. There were forwarded emails… What do you think he meant by that? Replayed voicemail messages… See how he paused right there? And my favorite… Reenact it for us!

We were basically a drama troupe of awkward boy-girl interactions. It was amazing.

But one thing we knew, whether totally true or exaggerated, was that the words were only one piece of the communication puzzle and the rest had to be unearthed. We needed to read between the lines.

After all, haven’t we all heard that statistic that gives a heavy majority of communication to body language anyway? Listening has never been as simple as the words.

My husband speaks English as his second language. His English is superb, but every now and then I rely on my translation filter. It understands what he meant rather than exactly what he said.

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  1. becca16127:42 PM

    Thanks for sharing in my space friend :-)

  2. Thank you for inviting me. It was such a joy! :)


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